Sunday, December 30, 2007

Good bye 2007


don't mind the noise that was just Nikki falling off her chair because she cant believe I actually blogged :)

now here are some random mumblings at the end of 2007.

  • Breanna is almost half done kindergarten, it almost blows my mind. She loves it she never complains about getting out the door and is always happy to go. On the two occasions she has not been well it took some serious convincing to get her to accept staying home. She does not want to miss one bit of learning, well and the fun of course.
  • Ryan has finished a speech sounds class through the community health center and he loved it. I has helped him be more understandable and he loved the setting.
  • Skyler is totally mobile and walks all over like a pro. Jon has also taught him to wrestle in fact it is not safe to lie down on the floor for fear of a baby belly dropping on your head. Thanks Jon. He is also totally weaned now and is learning the meaning of sleeping through the night (yippee)
  • I don't know why but my kids are weird eaters these days. Ryan will pig out at breakfast. The kid will eat three breakfasts if you let him but good luck getting him to eat anything significant at lunch or supper. Breanna wolfs down supper. Two and often 3 helpings. Skyler is different then both. He just pigs out all day. Neither of the other two would ever eat as well as him at this age.
  • Christmas was wonderful we spent Christmas eve and Christmas day at Jon's parents house. My kids were truly spoiled they are very blessed to have lots of aunts and uncles and grand parents who love them. They still have not taken all of their presents out of the box. We are trying to stretch out the fun so they don't play with them all for a couple of days then lose interest. Ryan got a couple of race car sets that he (and Dad) absolutely love. Breanna is in love with her Kid digital camera and her Fur Real chimpanzee named Queen. Skyler is young enough that he wants to play with whatever anyone else is playing with, wether it is his toy or Breannas or Ryans.
  • My husband totally rocks and went out at 4 in the morning and waited for 2 hours in the cold on boxing day. He got me a couple of memory cards for my camera for dirt cheap prices. He loves me, what can I say.
  • I am seriously loving having Jon around for the holidays and I am sad he has to go back on the second. But you know the whole responsibility thing earning a living. You know how it goes.
  • We are babysitting a car for Jon's sister for about 6 months. So for a while we get to be a two car family. Yay! it will be really nice while Jon is taking classes. Mind you by the time it goes back we might be so spoiled we want another one of our own. We have been thinking about it anyway, we will see.
  • I feel very lucky and blessed at the end of this year to have the husband and children that I have. The bring me more Joy then I could ask for.
  • I hope you all had a good Christmas and Happy New Year!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

5 things I was doing 10 years ago

1. Mowing lawns
2. Living at home with my parents
3. Likley obsessing over some boy
4. Being young Going to YSA stuff
5. Shoveling snow.

5 things I was doing 5 years ago

1. Taking care of a new baby
2 Managing an apartment building.
3. At home alone a lot because Jon was working for Classic
4. Living Downtown and about to move to Millwoods
5 Enjoying being married.

5 things I was doing 1 year ago

1. Learning photography
2. Taking care of a new baby
3. Driving Breanna to preschool.
4. Hanging out with friends.
5. Enjoying being married.

5 snacks I really enjoy

1. Apples and Caramel
2. Nachos
3. Crackers and Miracle whip.
4. Brie cheese on crackers. (thanks to Kari-Lynn for introducing me to this one)
5. Spinach dip and french bread.

5 things I did a yesterday.

1. Shoveled the walk
2. Bought winter hats and mits and a pair of boots.
3. Tried in vain not to scratch my itchy watery eyes.
4. Drove downtown to get Jon from work.
5. Took my glasses to get adjusted after being squished. (those frames have been through and survived more abuse then any other pair I have owned put together)

5 jobs I have had

1.Flyer/ newspaper deliverer
2.Landscape Maintenance
3 Hickory Farms booth person
4. Cashier
5 Mom. (by far my favourite)

5 things I would do if I had a million dollars.

1. Buy a house
2. Put money in Education and mission funds for my kids
3. Go on a nice vacation.
4. pay off all our debts.
5. Save for retirement.

5 tv shows I like

1. Lost
2. Heroes
3 almost anything on the food channel.
4. Law and Order.
5. the closer

5 things I hate doing.

1. cleaning toilets
2. awnsering the phone if I dont know who is calling
3. cleaning up a constant stream of spills from kids
4. fighting
5. Running. Seriously never been good at it.

5 people tagged

Ok seriously dont know who to tag on this one so if you read this consider yourself tagged!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Who wants to make dinner?

Heather: you should make supper tonight I dont feel like cooking

Jon: I made breakfast!

Heather: I make meals all the time I like not being the one to make dinner

Jon: What about the summer...

Heather: Yes you barbequed a lot but I still made most of the meals. (a light bulb goes off in Heathers head)

Enter democracy

Heather: Breanna who do you think should make supper me or daddy.

Breanna: DADDY!

Heather: Ryan who do you want to make dinner Daddy or me?

Ryan: (pointing to himself) MEEE!!!!

then he was off like a lightening bolt so excited and proud of himself. Breanna followed him then came back into the room.

Breanna: Mom! he is really going to do it he is going to try to make supper he already moved the bench up to the stove and HE IS GOING TO BURN HIMSELF!!!!!!!!

I guess maybe you had to be there but it was so funny we made him pick a helper (which was Jon hee hee) and he made supper, for a few minutes anyway till he lost interest. Don't worry there was proper adult supervision and no one was burned.


The Hills are alive......

Fall has decended on us and our life has a different rythym then the in the summer but we are enjoying it and taking it as it comes.

  • Breanna is absolutley loving kindergarten. I feel like there is so much to her now that I dont get to witness first hand. It used to be when Breanna learned something new I was there to see it. Now she goes to school everyday and learns new things from different people and is growing in so many ways all at the same time. She loves her class which is very small only 11 kids. She has made new friends and has settled in quite well. She lost her first baby tooth the other day and the adult one is coming fast underneath it.
  • Ryan is talking more and becoming more conversational. He is such a boy. If there is a car in his hand he is a happy camper. He is taking a 6 week speach sounds program that I think will really help him be easier to understand.
  • Skyler is walking now. I cant believe that my little baby is growing up so big. He is all over the place and goes up and down stairs in a heart beat and boy you better keep the bathroom door closed because he will be at that toilet so fast. He needs to learn that it is not his private pool.
  • Jon is registerd for two classes for this January. His goal is to finish a degree and get a Certified General Accountant designation. I am glad to see him working toward finishing his schooling.
  • As for me I dont know if I blogged this yet but I have been released from working in the primary and am now the secretary for the Young women. It is a different but very exciting calling for me and I am loving it all ready.

There you go a quick update on the Hills!

Sunday, October 14, 2007


One year ago today

And look at him now.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

I love these two

Friday, October 05, 2007

A nature walk

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Me: Bye Mom!

Ryan: Why you say Mom?

Me: I was saying good bye to my Mom. She is Your grandma.

Ryan: (sounding very relieved) Oh she's still grandma


At lunch yesterday

Breanna: Mom I just dont feel like vegitables right now

Me: Well you still gotta eat them.

Later in the car.

Me: Breanna Im sorry I got mad at you before we left the house. Im feeling upset right now and it is not your fault.

Breanna: Thats okay mom. (and now that we are talking feelings). I just dont feel like vegitables right now ok?

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Kindergartener

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fortune cookie fun

You all know the old fortune cookie game, you read your fortunes and add "in the bathroom" to the end of every one. Here are some we got the other day. Enjoy!

The evening promises romantic interests.

You are capable of extremely hard work and dedication.

You would do well in the field of computer technology.

You will continue to take chances and be glad you did.

Dont worry abou the stock market. Invest in family.

You will enjoy doing something different this coming weekend.

Share your abundant humor with others at this time they need it.

Yeah I know kinda juvenile but you know what they say. Your only young once but immaturity can last a life time!

scrunchy face

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Tag Im It (yay I actually did it)

A- Attached or single: attached.

B- Best Friend: Besides the obvious awnser (love you Jon!) I dont think I could pick a single one that I love more then all the others. I have been blessed with good friends.

C- Cake or Pie: pie. (with ice cream).

D- Day of choice: Wednesday is a good day.

E- Essential Item: Camera

F- Favorite Color: Blue.

G- Gummi Bears or Worms: Bears

H- Hometown: Edmonton

I- Indulgence(s):Arctic freeze from dairy queen. Extra Grapey

J- January or July: July

K- Kids: 3, I think... Let me count, 1...2...3. Yup I got 3.

L: Life is Incomplete Without: Friends

M- Marriage Date: Feb 17 2001

N- Number of Siblings: 4. 3 brothers, 1 sister.

O- Oranges or Apples: both are good. MMM apple pie and orange juice!

P- Phobias or Fears: Making dinner for someone and giving them food poisioning.

Q- Quote(s): "and by weird do you mean AWESOME" -Nikki. Her response when I discussed my feelings on having my baby sleeping in a different room now. (for part of the night anyway)

R- Reason To Smile: Cuddling with a sleeping baby

S- Season: Spring leading into summer.

T- Tag Three: Janna, Naomi, Jen.

U- Unknown Fact About Me: Some know and some dont. I have gone skydiving 7 times. I swear Im not an adreanaline junky I just like the view. (I had a hard time thinking of one for this I am really an open book)

V- Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animals: mmmm steak.

W- Worst Habit: Losing things. Forgetting things.

X- X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Ultrasounds are cool. (yes I do agree the 800 glasses of water suck but I have never had to drink chalk for an ultra sound.)

Y- Your Favorite Food: mmmm to many to count. Spagetti ranks pretty high.

Z- Zodiac: Virgo.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Im totaly hotter as a Simpson

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Quote of the day.

Im not crying, Im humming sadly. That's why my eyes are watering.


Friday, July 20, 2007

Attack of the hiccups

Daddy! I read the whole thing with....
Daddy! I read the whole thing withou....
Daddy! I read the....
Daddy! I read the whole thing without....
Daddy! I read the whole thing without sto....

DaddyIreadthewholethingwithoutstopping! Is that... cool!

Breanna had a message to get across and she was determined to get it all at once.
She was trying so hard to say it all at once and the hiccups just kept getting in the way it was so cute.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Jon's Dragon Boat Team In Lethbridge

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Canada Day Shenanigans

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kite Flying

Flying our new (to us) kite.

Look four our new kite at the top of the tree. We think the string snapped. It was neat to watch it sail away. Right up until it landed.
Finding other fun... Ready .... Set... Roll!
Well if there is not kite to fly why dont we try to do it ourselves.

Our kite still sits at the top of the tree. We have yet to figure out how to get it down. Wind was blowing such that the kite was plasterd into the tree there was not way we could shake it down. And I briefly contemplated throwing things but that would probably just mean I would have a kite and a couple sandals stuck in the tree. Easy come easy go.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

On her graduation from a car seat to a booster seat.

Breanna: Ryan when you are big enough you can have a booster seat like me!

Ryan: When Im big enough I wanna DRIVE!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

here and there

  • Breanna had her preschool graduation. I know it seems so funny she is not even five and has already had a "graduation" ceremony. She loved it of course and dad got her a pink stuffed unicorn as her graduation present
  • Fathers day has come and gone. Dad got a Beta fish to keep on his desk. Dad asked Breanna what to name it she then told him that he should name it. Jon suggested munchkin. Breanna then said she wanted to name him Donut because she wanted him to have a funny name. Im not sure if the spelling is Doughnut or Donut offically.
  • Skyler is sitting and doing the army crawl and will very soon be crawling on all fours. He is beginning to discover the wonderful world of food. Good times. I think he knows that our food tastes better then his does and is always looking at it.
  • Ryan is growing by leaps and bounds. He shot up a couple of inches in just a couple of months and out grew pretty much all his pants at the same time. Time for summer cut offs! He is talking more and getting much more conversational.
  • We have decided against moving to Saskatoon. For those of you who dont know we had decided to moved to Saskatoon in the hopes that we could buy a house. In the end the houses we could afford were in places we did not want to be in. We thought of renting and decided in the end we would not save that much over what we are paying here. I am happy that we are here. We feel that this is still the place that we are supposed to be. As much as I wanted to be able to own a home we realize that it was not going to work out. We will see what the future has we may move away from Edmonton one day but for now we will stay where we are.
  • Jon has offically finished his training at work yay and is now a permanent employee of the government. He is really doing great and enjoying it.
  • And it is totaly time for me to go to bed. goodnight.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Their wonderful disgusting imagination.

At the breakfast table eating their oatmeal.

Ryan: Me eating big poop mommy.

Mom: Huh? What did you say?

Ryan: Me eating big poop mommy.

Mom: Breanna what are you eating?

Breanna: Uh nufing?

Mom: What are you pretending to eat?


Breanna: Worms! we are baby birds eating worms!

Ryan: Yeah we eating worms.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Featuring a Built In Swimming pool

This morning I got a big pile of laundry ready to take to the basement to wash. Unfortunatley it got stuck on the landing upstairs for a while. Where the kids decided it made a great swimming pool. You know you have too much laundry when your kids can jump down 5 stairs into it and not get hurt.

Well eventually the laundry made its way off the stairs. (ok now it is sitting on the landing in the basement but we will not talk about that) apparently the kids decided the swimming pool was so much fun the first time that they have recreated it again. with a laundry pile of their own creation. I am afraid to find out where it came from.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Bug vs Fry

My two older children are so different in some ways but compliment each other at the same time. Here are some examples.

Computer Games

Breanna: Loves to play
Ryan: Happy to watch.
(ok fine this one has started to change but I loved the way it used to be)

Ham and pineapple pizza:

Ryan: picks all the pineapple off and does not eat it.
Breanna: Eats her pinapple first and happilly takes care of Ryan's as well.

Toilet Flushing.

Breanna: Never remembers to flush.
Ryan: Happy to flush for her and anyone else. Will even stand outside the bathroom door and ask to flush.

Hamburger Helper

Ryan: Eats all the meat
Breanna: Eats all the pasta.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

  • I need to go potty!
  • Im a bird that has escaped from its cage
  • Super girl is trapped! Someone save me.

Breanna's attempts at rescue after being sent to time out. And why might she be in time outyou ask? Well she bonked Ryan in the head with a little wooden box. Which Im not sure was intentional. You might wonder why I sent her to time out if I dont think she meant to hit him in the head. Well It is because it hit him in the head while it was being used to pour melted ice cream all over him.

My children have this ability to be so creatively mischevous.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Update: on party

Officall day: Tuesday the 15th If you dont know how to get my number please leave a comment and I will contact you. I hope to see you all there!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Girls Night Blog party.

I love that there are so many people I know that blog and that visit my blog. So anyway I think it is time we had a party! So if you are a girl and I know you and you are reading this give me a call or leave a comment and I will contact you!

Oh I hope I am not making any male readers feel left out I promise we will get you next time.

(oh and I know I have not posted in forever! so I hope I get credit for posting this)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pictures from Sasketchewan

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Looking Up

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy baby

Sunday, April 01, 2007


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Luvin the new couch

Old and busted:

New Hottness:

Sunday, March 25, 2007

A little story

So we are on the way home and I stop at the grocery store with my sister and kids in the van. I hop out and run in while they wait.

After I finish my quick shop I walk back to the van and see the front seat is empty and think: hmm the kids are probably grumpy and Naomi had to go into the back to help them. Then as I get closer to the van I realize that the babies seat is not where it usually is and I begin to panic. I start to hyperventilate as the unthinkable has actually happened, one of my worst fears. I slap my hands on the window and press my face into the glass as I realize that I HAVE FORGOTTEN MY BABY.

With my face pressed into the window I look at the other seats in the van and notice something peculiar, they are empty as well. I then notice a brown leather purse. I don't own a brown leather purse. There are no car seats in this car. I pull away from the window and look to the other side of the parking lot where my van is actually parked and I walk toward it.

Monday, March 19, 2007

"cookie monster has HAS COOKIES!"


Saturday, March 17, 2007

When Ryan wants something now he always seems to need it and he will repeat that word. For example:

I need need juice.


I need need need COOKIE!

I love that his language seems to be coming along more now. We have been somewhat concerned that he is behind for a while and I actually have an appointment with a Speach Language person for him. He does seem to be blossiming in his language though. He often comes up to me and smiles his little grin and just says "Hello Mommy" It makes me melt.

Unfourtunatley the more he talks the more he seems to have to argue with Breanna about. Fun times. Sometimes they play so great sometimes they just fight. Oddly enought I think they enjoy having a sparing partner.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Im feeling like I should blog.

Ok so Jon had surgery this week. He got out of the hospital today he is tired and sore but otherwise recovering well. He expects to go back to work after the Easter weekend in April. It has been a very busy week for me and the kids involving babysitters and driving back and forth from the hospital to see dad. I have hardly been home so I have not been blogging or checking blogs till today. A big thank you to everyone who watched my kids or helped with meals and everything that people have done to make this week a little easier.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Pirate Boy

Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I just was looking back through the archives. (did I mention my blog is 2 years old hee hee) and I found this post lol how fitting.

Belated Anniversary

I Just realized that a couple of weeks ago I hit my two year bloggiversary! Yay for me!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Out with the old. In with the new.

Well on friday our old mini van died in a flaming blaze of glory. Well actually a steaming sputtering mess. Jon got it to a shop where they told him not to bother fixing it. Anyway we went shopping saturday and now the newest memeber of our family is this:

She is a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan Sport. It is pretty loaded with power doors. Dual sliding doors. Power drivers seat. It has quad seating and a split back seat so you can take out only half of the back seat if you want to. A couple of the big things I notice is the suspension is so much nicer then our old one and the ride is so much quiter inside as all the seals are so much better and the molding is not coming off the passenger side.
Anyway we are so excited and we love the new vehicle.
Oh one last thing. We went to Great West Chrysler Dodge Jeep. They treated us wonderful and really put effort into making the vehicle what we want it to be. If you are looking for a vehicle I suggest going to them.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Breanna is hovering over about 4 yougurts

"eenie meenie miney moe...."

She brings one to me

"sometiemes I pick meenie. sometimes I pick miney, sometimes I pick moe, this one is moe"

Ok kid thats good to know.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Anniversary to us.

I'm not too good with surprises. When I am excited about something I have a hard time keeping it in. Well I have tested myself this year and managed to pull it off. Pretty much everyone knew about it but the one person who I needed to keep it from didn't: Jon. And as long as he was surprised that was all that matters.

Mid January I booked a room at the Fantasy land hotel for our anniversary (OK about a week after our anniversary). I had never been away from the kids over night except when I was in the hospital having a baby. Jon even suggested a couple of weeks later that we do something like that and I had to clench my fists grit my teeth and tell him I was not ready to leave Skyler over night yet. I lied to him when I told him his sister was coming into town and he needed to get the day off. I lied to when I told him I would call her the day before and see when they were getting in. I lied to him when I told him she was not feeling well and might not be able to come ( I was trying to keep him from getting Breanna excited about them coming). I lied to him when he called to see how long it would be before we picked him up from work. I told him we were just leaving my sisters work when I was really at home dropping my kids and sister off.

I actually feel kind of guilty reading that. I'm really not a pathological liar!

The look of confusion on his face when he got in the car was priceless. I told him that my sister had said she would watch the kids for the evening and we could do whatever we wanted. When we got to the parking lot at the mall I accidentally took the wrong ramp. I said I should have gone down and he asked why. "because that is where the front desk sign says" he was so confused. Then he was like "you don't have a hotel room booked!" Why yes I do. It was great I totally surprised him twice in one day.

We had the greatest time. We went to dinner, went window shopping, hung out in the hot tub, went on a midnight walk through the mall and across the street with no jackets for chicken nuggets only to discover that McDonalds was closed, had nachos from room service at 1 in the morning, slept without kids to wake us up and had a nice breakfast before we went home the next morning. I cant wait to do it again.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

cant sleep

I already fell asleep once. Woke up to Ryan crying. Got him a drink. Went back to bed. Cant sleep. Now I am down stairs and can you believe that no one is on msn? not one single person awake to talk to. blah.

Friday, February 02, 2007

24more. Only 53 left.

  1. When I was a kid, one night I woke up and was convinced that there was a dog on the end of my bed. I was absolutely petrified I couldn't even move. We didn't even have a pet at this time. Finally I got up the courage to run across the hall to my parents room. They told me to turn on the light and It turned out that it was a stuffed animal thing I made at girl guide camp.
  2. We made those stuffed "animals" twice they called were called a Zebu. The big one was blue and I named him George and the little one was purple and pink and I named it "Cute stuff.
  3. The first car I ever drove was a white Nissan Micra
  4. When we were young and on road trips when we would see bits of rubber on the road we would yell "THERE THERE" a throw back from the days when my dad worked at the Firestone factory.
  5. Me and my brother one night for no reason we can remember took a metal bucket and filled it with stuff from the kitchen: spices, food colouring. spaghetti... We dumped it in the back yard by the swing set.
  6. I told my grade jr high music teacher to "mind (her) own business". One of the kids in the class was bugging me and I never thought the teacher liked me so I didn't want to talk to her about it. That is the only time in my childhood I remember being rude to an adult. (except for perhaps the occasional disagreement with my parents)
  7. I once told my dad something like even though I did not always like the decisions he made I knew he did it because he loved me and wanted the best for me. I should never have said it, never let me forget it :)
  8. When I was young I never related well to kids my own age. I'm scared to have teenagers.
  9. I want my kids to learn to be nice to other people and have a good honest work ethic.
  10. Sometimes I am easily startled
  11. I love the Internet. When there is something that I hear about and am curious or there is something I don't know I Google it. I like to learn about things.
  12. My dad always took us to the train museum and places like that as a kid. I loved it because he always knew so many little things about what he was showing us. I want my kids to like going to places like that.
  13. Sometimes I have this possessive competitive streak but I usually try to control it when it happens. I don't like it.
  14. I am so grateful for my friends.
  15. I couldn't imagine the world with out the family that I have.
  16. My grandmother on my moms side was not a great cook but there were occasionally things she would make that I miss. She made this rhubarb upside down cake type of thing and you would eat it warm with mild poured over it. If I had it offered to me for the first time now I don't know if I would like it. I would love a piece now.
  17. Me and my mom got our ears pierced on the same day. We did it at the Merle Norman in Heritage mall. My grand mother on my dads side was with us I think.
  18. I played the trumpet in high school.
  19. There is someone I have not talked to in years I would like to again I think but I'm not sure how
  20. I'm listening to the song "Two Beds And A Coffee Machine" by Savage Garden. It is so pretty but sad.
  21. Other then when I was like one and a half and went to Quebec with my parents, I have taken off in an airplane 7 times and never landed.
  22. I love the sound of the wind flapping in a parachute. And the look of the world a couple thousand feet up.
  23. I remember soaking my hands in warm water in the bathroom sink when I was younger. My mom always did it. It felt so good.
  24. I went through a long period of time when I was in high school when I would never sleep in my bed. I heard mice in the wall one night and it really bothered me. I would sleep on the couch or the chair in my moms office. My brother would always try to get me to go to bed in my room. I remember sneaking around and trying to sleep somewhere he could not find me. I didn't tell anyone why I would not sleep in my bed. I remember trying one night and I couldn't do it. After a while we switched bedrooms around and I moved down stairs and started sleeping in my room again. I am not sure if I ever told them why. Looking back it was such a little thing but it was a huge thing to me then.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

23 weird and or completley irrelevant facts about me

  1. when I was growing up I had a neighbour that as born on the same day in the same hospital as me her name was Becky
  2. I have a scar on my shoulder that looks like a bug
  3. I have always wonderd what would happen if you fell into a vat of jello and got stuck halfway into it, would you be able to swim out?
  4. I dont like centipedes and milipedes the gross me out
  5. When I was in elementary school I used to walk home. I had this thing that if I stepped on a crack in the sidewalk I would be in another dimension so I would have to go back and step on it again to get back in my own. I knew it that it did not actualy happen but I still felt the need to go back anyway.
  6. I think I have borderline obsessive compulsive tendensies. I have to check the stove a million times before I leave the house to make sure I did not leave a burner on. I often run back and make sure I locked the door.
  7. I probably would not be quite so neurotic about those things If I was not so forgetful. Everytime I seem to get over it a little bit I forget something and it starts all over again.
  8. I have an amazing ability to do something like put something down and 10 minutes later have no idea what I did with it.
  9. I repeat myself a lot especially when I have good news.
  10. I like to talk on the phone too much.
  11. I like having people around me I work better with other people around.
  12. When I was a kid I asked a blind lady if someone punched her lights out. I think it was at temple square in Salt Lake City. I dont think I was trying to be rude or flippant but I dont know why I asked.
  13. I once met a guy who had a crocodile or a cayman or something in his basement.
  14. I repeat myself a lot especially when I have good news.
  15. Everyonce in a while I will talk in my sleep but I remember doing it and when I ask Jon in the morning what I said is usually different then what I thought I said.
  16. I dont like my feet, I need a pedicure.
  17. I alwas kick my shoes off and sit cross legged in resturants and pretty much anywhere else. I have a really bad callous on the outside of my left anckle because of it.
  18. I like the smell of a new babies breath
  19. I took a year of university and spent too much time playing pool.
  20. I dont like driving by myself at night.
  21. When I eat a piece of pie I always take a bite or two of the point then eat the back end with the crust then finish the pie that way you start and end with the best part.
  22. I once left a grilled cheese sandwich in the sandwich maker for a few hours. Then I unplugged it and put it away. I did not realize till like a month later that I had completley charred a sandwich.
  23. When I was much younger I did a similar thing with a pot of perogies. mind you they were not left undiscoverd for a month.

thanks to Nikki's sister for this idea! I think I am tapped out for now perhaps I shall continue this another day as I am sure there are more.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Check it out!

my new photo blog

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


So the other night I was out with some friends and I noticed that Lara had a blue stone on her engagement ring. A saphire. I asked her about it being the curious person that I am. She went on to explain how her husband had decided on the saphire and how he totaly suprised her when he asked her to marry him. I sat entranced in the story right up until the point when I asked her.

"Did you say yes?"

They laughed at me

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

portrait of a pointsetta