Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lane 5 months

- you started rolling tummy to back at about 3 months old, I thought it was a fluke the first time but when I put you back you did it again!
-you rolled back to tummy about two or 3 weeks after that
-in the last month you have started to interact with toys and grab at the toy bar on your bouncy chair, you try to put everything in to your mouth.
-you have started to push your self across the floor with your legs, between that and the rolling thing you are all over the place.
-Ryan is still your biggest fan. He is slowly learning he does not have to touch you all the time especially when you are sleeping!
-You have even learned to play fight with your brother, oh ok so we pretend for his benefit, dont worry you are the baby so you always win, and besides Ryan adores you too much to be rough with you.
-Whenever we get you to sing Skinamarinky dinky dink to Ryan he runs and hides so we cant point at him and when we do he giggles which always makes you smile. You love to be smiled at.
-You are a champion at spit-up but still not as bad as your big sister.
-You love sleeping in your baby swing, you have gon through more then your fair share of batteries in it.
-You are a joy to have and we all love you!

Reasons Why Ryan is Scared of Mice

  • They run so fast
  • They are brown
  • Their faces are really creepy