Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Breanna is hovering over about 4 yougurts

"eenie meenie miney moe...."

She brings one to me

"sometiemes I pick meenie. sometimes I pick miney, sometimes I pick moe, this one is moe"

Ok kid thats good to know.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Anniversary to us.

I'm not too good with surprises. When I am excited about something I have a hard time keeping it in. Well I have tested myself this year and managed to pull it off. Pretty much everyone knew about it but the one person who I needed to keep it from didn't: Jon. And as long as he was surprised that was all that matters.

Mid January I booked a room at the Fantasy land hotel for our anniversary (OK about a week after our anniversary). I had never been away from the kids over night except when I was in the hospital having a baby. Jon even suggested a couple of weeks later that we do something like that and I had to clench my fists grit my teeth and tell him I was not ready to leave Skyler over night yet. I lied to him when I told him his sister was coming into town and he needed to get the day off. I lied to when I told him I would call her the day before and see when they were getting in. I lied to him when I told him she was not feeling well and might not be able to come ( I was trying to keep him from getting Breanna excited about them coming). I lied to him when he called to see how long it would be before we picked him up from work. I told him we were just leaving my sisters work when I was really at home dropping my kids and sister off.

I actually feel kind of guilty reading that. I'm really not a pathological liar!

The look of confusion on his face when he got in the car was priceless. I told him that my sister had said she would watch the kids for the evening and we could do whatever we wanted. When we got to the parking lot at the mall I accidentally took the wrong ramp. I said I should have gone down and he asked why. "because that is where the front desk sign says" he was so confused. Then he was like "you don't have a hotel room booked!" Why yes I do. It was great I totally surprised him twice in one day.

We had the greatest time. We went to dinner, went window shopping, hung out in the hot tub, went on a midnight walk through the mall and across the street with no jackets for chicken nuggets only to discover that McDonalds was closed, had nachos from room service at 1 in the morning, slept without kids to wake us up and had a nice breakfast before we went home the next morning. I cant wait to do it again.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

cant sleep

I already fell asleep once. Woke up to Ryan crying. Got him a drink. Went back to bed. Cant sleep. Now I am down stairs and can you believe that no one is on msn? not one single person awake to talk to. blah.

Friday, February 02, 2007

24more. Only 53 left.

  1. When I was a kid, one night I woke up and was convinced that there was a dog on the end of my bed. I was absolutely petrified I couldn't even move. We didn't even have a pet at this time. Finally I got up the courage to run across the hall to my parents room. They told me to turn on the light and It turned out that it was a stuffed animal thing I made at girl guide camp.
  2. We made those stuffed "animals" twice they called were called a Zebu. The big one was blue and I named him George and the little one was purple and pink and I named it "Cute stuff.
  3. The first car I ever drove was a white Nissan Micra
  4. When we were young and on road trips when we would see bits of rubber on the road we would yell "THERE THERE" a throw back from the days when my dad worked at the Firestone factory.
  5. Me and my brother one night for no reason we can remember took a metal bucket and filled it with stuff from the kitchen: spices, food colouring. spaghetti... We dumped it in the back yard by the swing set.
  6. I told my grade jr high music teacher to "mind (her) own business". One of the kids in the class was bugging me and I never thought the teacher liked me so I didn't want to talk to her about it. That is the only time in my childhood I remember being rude to an adult. (except for perhaps the occasional disagreement with my parents)
  7. I once told my dad something like even though I did not always like the decisions he made I knew he did it because he loved me and wanted the best for me. I should never have said it, never let me forget it :)
  8. When I was young I never related well to kids my own age. I'm scared to have teenagers.
  9. I want my kids to learn to be nice to other people and have a good honest work ethic.
  10. Sometimes I am easily startled
  11. I love the Internet. When there is something that I hear about and am curious or there is something I don't know I Google it. I like to learn about things.
  12. My dad always took us to the train museum and places like that as a kid. I loved it because he always knew so many little things about what he was showing us. I want my kids to like going to places like that.
  13. Sometimes I have this possessive competitive streak but I usually try to control it when it happens. I don't like it.
  14. I am so grateful for my friends.
  15. I couldn't imagine the world with out the family that I have.
  16. My grandmother on my moms side was not a great cook but there were occasionally things she would make that I miss. She made this rhubarb upside down cake type of thing and you would eat it warm with mild poured over it. If I had it offered to me for the first time now I don't know if I would like it. I would love a piece now.
  17. Me and my mom got our ears pierced on the same day. We did it at the Merle Norman in Heritage mall. My grand mother on my dads side was with us I think.
  18. I played the trumpet in high school.
  19. There is someone I have not talked to in years I would like to again I think but I'm not sure how
  20. I'm listening to the song "Two Beds And A Coffee Machine" by Savage Garden. It is so pretty but sad.
  21. Other then when I was like one and a half and went to Quebec with my parents, I have taken off in an airplane 7 times and never landed.
  22. I love the sound of the wind flapping in a parachute. And the look of the world a couple thousand feet up.
  23. I remember soaking my hands in warm water in the bathroom sink when I was younger. My mom always did it. It felt so good.
  24. I went through a long period of time when I was in high school when I would never sleep in my bed. I heard mice in the wall one night and it really bothered me. I would sleep on the couch or the chair in my moms office. My brother would always try to get me to go to bed in my room. I remember sneaking around and trying to sleep somewhere he could not find me. I didn't tell anyone why I would not sleep in my bed. I remember trying one night and I couldn't do it. After a while we switched bedrooms around and I moved down stairs and started sleeping in my room again. I am not sure if I ever told them why. Looking back it was such a little thing but it was a huge thing to me then.