Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tid bits of the last 2 months.

  • Ryan is in Kindergarten and Breanna is in grade 1. The are both loving it. I hope they like school this much forever.
  • Jon finished Dragon Boating for the year at the end of september. His last festival was in Sanfrancisco. He finished the weekend off by falling off a curb and breaking his wrist really well. The got the wrist set enought to send him home where he had surgery and now has 3 pins and 4 screws and 2 bars coming out of his arm. It has made life interesting and we are managing.
  • My Grandpa Hinman passed away just over a week ago. He was 92, It was not a suprise and he was ready to go but I will still miss him. I will miss the sound of his voice. Everytime I heard it I felt like I was a child again. The hardest part was not being able to go to the funeral. Which brings me to my next point.
  • I should be having a baby any day now. I am offically 1 day past my due date so this baby could come anytime. We know it is a boy. I had told myself I was not going to get sick of being pregnant and spend my time wishing for this baby to just come already. You know though what they say about good intentions lol. It has been a bit stressful this month and with Jon without the mobility he normaly has I just need to be able to move again. I am also battling a rotten cold/flu and being big, pregnant and sick really sucks. I want to get better and have a baby already! Hopefully I can be posting pics of a beautiful baby boy soon!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Not even for a pregnant woman.

you all know the jokes about pregnant women and food, especially anything involving pickles. I like pickles and I am pregnant but THIS I cant even Imagine.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Skyler did something he shouldnt, we sent him to time out.

Im not sure if he learned his lesson or not.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

What comes next.

I like to think that when we pass on from this life to the next a few things happen. Of course first you want to see your loved ones that have passed on before.

Then you get a question period where you get to ask all those questions that you have wondered about your whole life. Like what would it be like to experience life through the consciousness of a gold fish and do amoebas have feelings, that kind of stuff. Oh and about how we were created and how evidence of evolution really fits in to the plan of things. Hey with my new unlimited scientific knowledge maybe I can make that light speed travel device work that I planned when I was delivering flyers as a kid. *

Then I like to think that perhaps there is some kind of heavenly home theater where you sit in front of a big screen TV. (or maybe they have some sort of virtual interactive sort of thing. This is heaven, they have the best technology I am sure.) Then they hand you the remote and you get to watch any part of your life you want. (the fast forward button would be really handy for those dentist visits).

At this point you get to watch all the good stuff you want. See yourself as a 5 year old again. Relive all the fun times. Realize that when that lady in the SUV honked her horn it really was ME being the Jerk. ( you get the occasional surprise of course).

Most importantly I would like to see where all the places are that I lost my keys, or my bank cards are or what on earth happened to that second can of orange juice that I bought two weeks ago? How on earth did I lose those glasses? What did I do with the scriptures in that flowery red scripture case that dad gave me from salt lake city?

Gremlins people I think I would finally get to see the gremlins that did it all.

* I imagine that much to my dissappointment I would find out that this proccess would still take some time. I imagine God would still expect us to learn it ourselfes. Im sure he has some fantastic reference material though.