Monday, June 26, 2006

Over The Edge

Over The Edge
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At least he didnt take my camera with him

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Near the beginning of our marriage Jon still had the camera he took with him on his mission. He went hiking in the mountains with a friend of his. Curtis took a picture of Jon who was standing by a cliff. Then he tossed the camera over to Jon. It hit Jon's fingers and rolled off. It bounced once. It bounced again. Then over the cliff it went never to be seen again.

Today Jon is on a day trip to Jasper with some missionaries. I let him take my camera. I instructed him very specifacly. NO THROWING THE CAMERA OFF A CLIFF!!!

So here is to a safe trip. Oh yeah and Jon I hope you come back too.

Monday, June 12, 2006

June Happenings

  1. Jon is working now and we are getting used to having a normal schedule again.
  2. Our washing machine broke down a week ago, it kind of makes me feel like a normal grown up. I get to call my first appliance repairman for my self. Not that I have not had to have things fixed before but this is the first one that I have to do all by myslef because the washer and dryer is mine and not owned by who we rent from. Until we get it fixed we are usining our little aparnment washing machine that hooks up to our sink. Since it is not in the basement I find our main floor is getting taken over by piles of laundry. I cant wait till that is over. Hopefully we will have a repair person in by the end of the week.
  3. Jon's laptop hard drive decided to die this week which is sad because I do not have all my pictures backed up. Many of them especially the old ones are on my computer but there are some that were taken since I got my new camerea that I wont get back that makes me sad. I have learned my lesson now though. Back your pictures up to cd!!!!! The lap top screen also has had some pixels going on the screen for a while so it has been sent off to get both problems fixed. It will probably be about three weeks till it is finished. Until then I am back on my dinosaur of a computer.
  4. I get my ultrasound In about 2 weeks yay! We will get our first look at the next member of the family. I have realized that although I think a suprise would be cool if they can tell us what the baby is, I will probably find out because I cant wait. Maby the baby will be shy and wont show anything.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006


We took the kids to toddler time at the water park. The love it. The wave pool, the kiddie pool, the hot pool. One thing is for sure I dont have children that are afraid of the water. In fact if I did not know better I would swear they had fish DNA. Im sure they would grow gills if they could.

An outside observer would see Ryan in the waves and wonder where the poor childs parents are. The kid would stand in waves that would wash right over his head (by a good 6 inches at least). Out he comes on the other side all smiles and ready for the next one. Or he is diving head first again and again. The kid is crazy I dont know where he gets the chance to breathe.

Breanna is nuts. She has no problem putting her face in water. The problem is geting her out of the water. She likes to dive in swim around, come up for air for a second and is right back under water.

Breanna was playing in the waves and she lost her footing and a couple of small waves came one after the other. So I grabbed her and put her on her feet again. I said Breanna are you ok? I expected a couple of gasps and her to say: "yeah mom"... uh no, she looked at me and said. "Where do rabbits live" yeah the kid was fine. Maybe she already has gills after all.