Wednesday, June 29, 2005

In the Bathroom stall on sunday

Breanna: go potty mom!

Breanna: Do it!

Breanna: You did it YAY!!

And yes there were other people in the bathroom at that time to hear.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Proud of her Father

Breanna had kicked a ball down the hall and was running after it. Jon was standing at the end of the hall and when the ball reached him he kicked it back at her. It hit her in the legs and she fell to the ground on to her belly. What did she say to her dad as she looked up at him?


Such admiration and pride in her voice.

Friday, June 24, 2005

I got run over by a train today

Or at least I felt like I did. I started to feel a little nauseous this morning and it got progresivly worse. I got a fever, had the chills and felt like I was going to pass out whenever I tried to walk anywhere. Tanis was my hero today and kept Breanna till jon got home from work. I dont know what I would have done without her. Whatever hit me this morning seems to have pretty much passed leaving just a general tired feeling behind. Thank heavens. It seems to have left as suddenly as it came on. It really knocked me for a loop. I am gratefull for good friends and a good husband who really helped out today.

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Confessions of a Phone Abuser

Some of you have heard that I have a problem with abusing Phones. I have killed two phones ,in my defence both times it was after VERY trying phone calls. The first time It was just before I quit my job and the second time was when I had to deal with some very infuriating people trying to get some money back after a very long time. Anyway there should be no excuse for phone abuse/

Since then I have strugled to be kind to my phones and treat them with the respect they deserve. Besides lets face it you all know I would be lost without my phone. But today I struck again, well it wasint really abuse, it was more neglect. I melted my phone, well not melted. I kind of warped it. I left it on the oven while I cooked a pizza.And I didnt remember to turn the oven off as soon as I was finished. So the battery cover on the handset is a little flattend and no longer comes off anymore. At first the screen of the phone was pitch black but it recoverd. There appears to be no functionality lost. Thank heavens. I only hope my phone forgives me. I am trying to be better, honest.

I Heather pledge to treat my phones with utmost respect from now on.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Good Bye To A Family Friend

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We Recieved this notice from Jon's Parents this weekend

It is with a great deal of sadness, oftimes mingled with bouts of riotious
laughter that I annouce the passing of Mr. BIG MOUTH. MR. BIG MOUTH served
the Hill family and the grandchildren for nigh onto a year before we started
to notice his failing health. He didn't quite seem so perky and his mouth
became oh so droppy, as of late. We felt it best to put him out of his
misery and let him go quickly... and quickly he did, with all of his air
seeming to burst out of his failing big mouth. His friends the balls remain
in seclusion seeing to want to remain quietly in a box, while they mourn the
passing of their friend. We decided that his teeth being extracted should
be buried with Mr. Big Mouth along with the pliers that helped him with his
Mr. Big Mouth is available for viewing underneath the deck should anyone
want to pay last respects. Cause of death remains under investigation.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Blog block

I seem to have been expierencing blog block. I have not been able to think of anything interesting to write in my blog. Please be paitent of this temporary situation as I hope to resume being interesting soon. (unless of course I was never interesting in which case I will try to pretend again)

Ryans words

Bye bye, Peekaboo, Ball, Uh Oh.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

I did it!!!

I did it... I did it... I did it... HORRAY (Imagine Dora music here)

I added links to my sidebar and I didnt mess up my whole blog. YAY

Tuesday, June 07, 2005


I met KL (Kari-Lynn) at McD's today. We let our children play in the play area. I did not bring socks for her ( a rule for such play areas). I was faced with a dilema. Which is worse letting her play in her sandals or barefoot. Both making me a negligent parent. After hearing her clomp around in her sandals I just let her go barefoot. I thought I would pretend to be ignorant of any rule. (this is the jist of the conversation not exactly word for word.)

There was a lady behind us who was talking to her daughter loud enough for us all to hear.

Lady: "You need your socks on before you go in there you are not allowed in without socks."

Hmm can I still pretend to be ignorant when I could obviously hear that. Then Aubryn (KL's daughter) pipes in with her authoritative (and probably audible to the lady at the next table who probably noticed my childs sockless state) voice.

Aubryn: Breanna doesnt have socks on she need socks to go in there!
Me: Shh its ok. (yes I shhd her I was trying to pretend to be ignorant, sorry Aubryn)
Aubryn: But she dosent have socks on!
Me: Yeah I know I forgot them.

When I went in I thought that the socks you buy were 2 bucks to buy and we were going out to McD's on the change dish and I did not want to waste two bucks. Turns out they were only 99 cents. Guess I am just cheap. Thanx Aubryn for helping me be honest and doing the right thing. Next time I WILL bring socks.


I love this picture of Ryan It shows how he can go from crying to happy in just a moment. He is always such a happy content kid. But he does have a flair for melodrama in him. He does not like it when people walk out the door. This morning he watched out the window as the negibour drove away. He cried. Posted by Hello

Monday, June 06, 2005

Thinking Ahead

Do you ever find yourself planning ahead in your mind what your are about to do? Some times your realize that you are doing something sooner then you intended.

I was guilty of this today as I found myself pouring a jug of lemonade down the sink while I reached for a glass.

I remember when I was a kid whenever they talked about journal keeping I felt guilty. I have never been a good journal keeper. I remember feeling guilty when I went to bed because I had not read my scriptures and wrote in my journal. I was a faithful journal keeper for maybe weeks at a time but never for long.

Last year my friend Nikki introuduced me to blogging. It is like an online journal that I actually enjoy doing (although not often enough according to some) Well the other day I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to print all my posts and keep them for posteritys sake. He ENCOURAGED me to blog more often. he was indifferent to my blog addiction before and now he encourages it. Well there goes all my chances for rehabilitation.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

Elder Hill

I found this and just had to blog it. This is a recod of every area Jon served on his mission. Wow how more mature and different he looks now Posted by Hello