Tuesday, November 27, 2007

5 things I was doing 10 years ago

1. Mowing lawns
2. Living at home with my parents
3. Likley obsessing over some boy
4. Being young Going to YSA stuff
5. Shoveling snow.

5 things I was doing 5 years ago

1. Taking care of a new baby
2 Managing an apartment building.
3. At home alone a lot because Jon was working for Classic
4. Living Downtown and about to move to Millwoods
5 Enjoying being married.

5 things I was doing 1 year ago

1. Learning photography
2. Taking care of a new baby
3. Driving Breanna to preschool.
4. Hanging out with friends.
5. Enjoying being married.

5 snacks I really enjoy

1. Apples and Caramel
2. Nachos
3. Crackers and Miracle whip.
4. Brie cheese on crackers. (thanks to Kari-Lynn for introducing me to this one)
5. Spinach dip and french bread.

5 things I did a yesterday.

1. Shoveled the walk
2. Bought winter hats and mits and a pair of boots.
3. Tried in vain not to scratch my itchy watery eyes.
4. Drove downtown to get Jon from work.
5. Took my glasses to get adjusted after being squished. (those frames have been through and survived more abuse then any other pair I have owned put together)

5 jobs I have had

1.Flyer/ newspaper deliverer
2.Landscape Maintenance
3 Hickory Farms booth person
4. Cashier
5 Mom. (by far my favourite)

5 things I would do if I had a million dollars.

1. Buy a house
2. Put money in Education and mission funds for my kids
3. Go on a nice vacation.
4. pay off all our debts.
5. Save for retirement.

5 tv shows I like

1. Lost
2. Heroes
3 almost anything on the food channel.
4. Law and Order.
5. the closer

5 things I hate doing.

1. cleaning toilets
2. awnsering the phone if I dont know who is calling
3. cleaning up a constant stream of spills from kids
4. fighting
5. Running. Seriously never been good at it.

5 people tagged

Ok seriously dont know who to tag on this one so if you read this consider yourself tagged!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Who wants to make dinner?

Heather: you should make supper tonight I dont feel like cooking

Jon: I made breakfast!

Heather: I make meals all the time I like not being the one to make dinner

Jon: What about the summer...

Heather: Yes you barbequed a lot but I still made most of the meals. (a light bulb goes off in Heathers head)

Enter democracy

Heather: Breanna who do you think should make supper me or daddy.

Breanna: DADDY!

Heather: Ryan who do you want to make dinner Daddy or me?

Ryan: (pointing to himself) MEEE!!!!

then he was off like a lightening bolt so excited and proud of himself. Breanna followed him then came back into the room.

Breanna: Mom! he is really going to do it he is going to try to make supper he already moved the bench up to the stove and HE IS GOING TO BURN HIMSELF!!!!!!!!

I guess maybe you had to be there but it was so funny we made him pick a helper (which was Jon hee hee) and he made supper, for a few minutes anyway till he lost interest. Don't worry there was proper adult supervision and no one was burned.


The Hills are alive......

Fall has decended on us and our life has a different rythym then the in the summer but we are enjoying it and taking it as it comes.

  • Breanna is absolutley loving kindergarten. I feel like there is so much to her now that I dont get to witness first hand. It used to be when Breanna learned something new I was there to see it. Now she goes to school everyday and learns new things from different people and is growing in so many ways all at the same time. She loves her class which is very small only 11 kids. She has made new friends and has settled in quite well. She lost her first baby tooth the other day and the adult one is coming fast underneath it.
  • Ryan is talking more and becoming more conversational. He is such a boy. If there is a car in his hand he is a happy camper. He is taking a 6 week speach sounds program that I think will really help him be easier to understand.
  • Skyler is walking now. I cant believe that my little baby is growing up so big. He is all over the place and goes up and down stairs in a heart beat and boy you better keep the bathroom door closed because he will be at that toilet so fast. He needs to learn that it is not his private pool.
  • Jon is registerd for two classes for this January. His goal is to finish a degree and get a Certified General Accountant designation. I am glad to see him working toward finishing his schooling.
  • As for me I dont know if I blogged this yet but I have been released from working in the primary and am now the secretary for the Young women. It is a different but very exciting calling for me and I am loving it all ready.

There you go a quick update on the Hills!