Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ings Inspired by Nikki

Craving: chicken salad croissants

Anticipating: Having Breanna in play school

Playing: This fish tycoon game that is really starting to annoy me. Curse online versions!

Going: To a friends house tonight. Yay

Planning: A weekend away by myself

Dreading: My trip to the dentist in a couple weeks. Ugh


Wednesday, August 23, 2006


I had just put Ryan down for a nap and I was occupied doing something when he called out from his crib. Breanna informed me he was calling and I told her to leave him because he needs to have his nap.

Moments later Ryan calls again and I hear Breanna call to him in her most bigsterly tender voice.

"I know you want mommy Ryan but your big sister is coming"

I could have melted. Breanna went upstairs to his room. I heard the door open and Ryan moving around in his crib. Up I went expecting to find her in the room playing with him. When I got there his door was closed, he was quiet and she was in her own room. So I asked her if she went in to see him.

"Yeah and I made him warm with a blanket."

I peeked in his room and saw him lying down again with a tiny baby blanket across him.

Anyone who knows Breanna knows of her love for her stuffed Monkey. If Breanna is heading for bed and forgets her monkey Ryan will grab him and come running to the bottom of the stairs to bring her Monkey because he knows it is important to her.

They yell at eachother and fight a lot right now. Most recently Breanna has begun to learn the fine art of name calling. So far I have heard her call him. Dummy Garbage, little cootie and my personal favourite: scurvy bones. But in spite of it all I know they love each other. Moments like these remind me that yes we can handle the third baby that will join our family in a little while here. And yes they do love each other. And if I can just remember to hide the peanut butter for the next few years I might just make it through.

(if you are wondering about the peanut butter ask me again in a few years and I might be ready to talk about it)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

A pretend party

Breanna: You ate my pretend cake! Im going to bonk you over the head!!

Me: (thinking) She wouldnt dare!



Me: Why did you do that!

Breanna: He ate my pretend cake!

Me: Well dont hit him! Pretend there is another one! (or at the very least pretend to bonk him!)