Friday, June 26, 2009

Face Paint?

Today I was about to blog again (I know two days in a row its a miracle!). That is when I realized that Skyler was still in the kitchen and there was un attended cherries in the kitchen. Needless to say i found a cherry faced little boy. I was just setting up to take a picture of my cherry faced cherub when Ryan bounded down the stairs and announced: "I painted my face!"

and with no further ado here they are:

My cherry boys!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hill House Happenings

  • Today is the second last day of school for the year witch I'm not sure if that will make my life easier because we can say good bye to some of the routine or harder because the kids are around all the time and they have no routine. We will be spending much time running out energy at the park this year.

  • Today is also the second last day of Jon being gone for his one long work trip of the year. Which means day 11 of 12 days with out dad. The boys are OFF THE WALL. Which I think is a combination of a few things: they miss their dad, Ryan has not had preschool for pretty much the whole two weeks Jon has been gone and that is a change in routine for him and one last factor which brings me to my next point.

  • THIS HAS BEEN THE 11 LONGEST DAYS OF THE YEAR!!!!! Literally on June 21 the sun rose at 5:04 am and set at 10:07 pm giving use 17 hours 3 minutes and 8 seconds of daytime. this does interesting things to young children's sleep patterns. We all know what happens to children with weird sleep patterns.

  • I have a pile of dirt sitting in the middle of the living room, it is staring at me, I swear I can hear it say "sweep me up heather sweep me up" I am ignoring it while I blog.

  • I will be adding the townhouse complex that I live in to my work load. It will be in addition to the fifteen apartment units I already take care of. While I know I cant do both on my own it is OK. Jon's substitute paper delivering has dwindled to very little recently so we are going to let that go and Jon will be helping me with the work here. I cant wait to train him to fill out the rent records and take over the paperwork for me, YAY. (he is way better at organization then I am anyway)

  • I finally bought plants for my front flowerbed last week. I finally planted them today in the hopes that they are not dead and a good watering will resurrect them. Otherwise people are going to wonder why I planted a bunch of dead plants this morning. Why did I even bother?

  • I transplanted my chives to make room for the other plants, I may have killed that too, although my tomato plants seem to be doing OK.
  • I am 23 weeks pregnant this Saturday with boy number 3, I don't think I have even told my blog that. I think everyone knows now, I hope my blog forgives me for keeping it out of the loop. Breanna (while I know she was hoping for a sister) seems to be dealing well with the fact she will be big sister to 3 younger brothers.
  • I think I am going to have lunch now. Well maybe I will sweep up the dirt pile first.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It is all just sauce on the wall

There is a glorious mess in the dining area. spagetti noodles all over the table and benches, a pile of spagetti on the floor nesting in a puddle of milk and splatters of spagetti sauce all over the wall, I have no clean cloths to clean up the mess and it is warm and muggy in my house, do you suppose if I just closed my eyes long enough it will all go away?

p.s. Never leave the children in the dining room on their own to eat spagetti while you veg on the couch. It just isnt worth it.