Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Body images.

Mom: Ryan do you like this outfit for Skyler?

Ryan: No it'll make him look fat!


Breanna: Ryan it wont make him look fat I picked it out!

Ryan: Ya it will!

Breanna: No it wont!

Ryan: ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya
Breanna: no no no no no no no no no no.....

Breanna: It wont make you look fat unless your fat before you put it on!

End of conversation.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Count Down continued.

7 days till Christmas 3 presents obtained.

So I was thinking the other day of the Christmas present I bought my sister the year Jon and i got engaged. I gave it to her early because I was going to spend Christmas with Jon and his family. It was a hamster and it died on Christmas day. We thought of renaming it posthumously to Scrooge.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Count down.

Days till Christmas: 9. Number of christmas presents obtained: 1.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dont Judge me it is one of those days

Breanna: So Ryan do you want to come upstairs with me?

Ryan: Uhh nope.

Breanna: Come on Ryan we need to go where mom cant see us.

Mom: Breanna what are you doing, If you dont tell me you are not going upstairs.

Breanna: We are plunging our tummies. (breanna has the sink plunger and she squishes it onto her tummy.) Well mom can we?

Mom: (picking her battles) Whatever Breanna.

Breanna: Ryan! Mom said we can do it, do you want to come!?

Ryan: Nope

Breanna: Well if you change your mind I will be upstairs plunging.

Seriously I cant imagine any serious harm coming from it. The worst I can see happening is getting a call from the school or something because they want to know where my kid got the large hickies on her stomach. Oh and it is a sink plunger, totaly cleaned and NEVER used on a toilet, just in case you were worried.

Monday, December 08, 2008

And she blogs again.

So apparently semi annual blogging is not sufficient to satisfy the crowds how about quarterly? Well look it has not been four months yet since I last blogged (just a few days shy) I am ahead of the game! Yay me!

You should all thank that anonymous person who commented on my last post their desire to hear from me again.

So what to blog about.....

  • Breanna is in grade one I am sure you all know that though (see you know my life why do I need to blog?) I am constantly amazed by how fast she is learning to read. She reads her readers they send home every night no problem. I guess I just expected this to be a longer process. but no she is doing spectacular. It scares me in a way because how are me and Jon going to talk without the kids knowing what we are saying when we cant S P E L L things out anymore
  • Ryan is in preschool and he absolutely loves it. If anyone is looking for a preschool for their kids for next year call me because this school is fabulous. He goes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and it is in the same school as Breanna so that is really convenient.
  • Skyler is a menace as usual and climbs on everything, he even pulled the bench from the table today over to the counter to play with the knives. Oh joy I need to move those higher. He is the cutest little menace ever and I love him. He is also learning to talk, he repeats anything you say and his favourite thing to say right now is look at this or look at that, My favourite is when he pulls up his shirt and says "look a belly!".
  • Jon and I are enjoying a quiet fall, we took it easy on our schedule this fall and are enjoying the lack of commitments in the evening. He will be taking part time classes again in January. Jon is still delivering papers and in a fit of insanity I took a job managing a few apartments. I was not sure I wanted to do it again but it is actually pretty good, I don't have to handle anything outside of the suites I rent so that means no building cleaning and no shoveling. The company I work for is really great as well. My 15 units keep me surprisingly busy some days but oddly enough sometimes I find it easier to be productive at home when I am busy outside of the house. (other times I am just plain unproductive everywhere lol)

Anyhow there is a brief update of my life hopefully it keeps you all happy until I blog again in about four months.

p.s. Just kidding I so wont take that long again to blog.... at least I dont think so.... well i have the best of intentions....

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Conversations with my over acheiving husband

Heather: Hey were you able to fix the printer?

Jon: Yeah

Heather: Great! How did you manage to do it.

Jon: I took the coat hanger out of it.

(He is so smart)


Jon: Check this out I just don't know how this happened!

(Jon is completely elated as he shows me how much extra room he has in his once snug pants)

Heather: Well it might have something to do with the fact that you are running to a hundred different houses every day to deliver papers and then you paddle hard core on the river for an hour two or three times a week at Dragon boat practice.

Jon: I also usually run before practice as well.

Heather: Yeah dear I have no idea why you are losing weight.

Jon: I just feel like I should be doing more.

(shaking my head, yeah he is definitely a couch potato)


(Jon walks in the bedroom after papers at about 5 in the morning)

Jon: hey can you look at my head and tell me if I am bleeding?

Heather: Uh a little maybe why?

Jon: Well when I was delivering papers to this house I ran under a tree and It was dark and I could not see this branch and I ran straight into it. I saw this big flash of light like lightening and then I woke up on the ground.

(thank heavens for the baseball hat on his head, without it he would likely have needed stitches, but with hitting the front of his head on the branch then the back of his head on the ground when he fell he has had a mild concussion, the dizziness passed pretty quickly but he has had quite the headache for a couple of days.)


Ryan: Dad how did you hurt your head?

Jon: I ran into a tree when I was delivering papers.

Ryan: Why did you run into the tree?

Jon: Because it was dark and I couldn't see the branch.

Ryan: Next time you should use a flashlight and be more careful.

(out of the mouths of babes)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Family Camp 2008

So about a week and a half ago we headed out for our family vacation of the summer. We started out Friday at a family reunion in Magrath for Jon's mothers family the Walton's. Great fun was had there, they have what is basically a huge slip and slide built into the side of a hill and the kids LOVED it. It was great I got to know some of cousins a lot better and basicaly everyone just socialized and played all weekend.

Sunday we headed to hill spring and visited an old friend of mine and stayed over night there, then we headed to waterton for two nights. We had a great time just enjoying our family and the out doors, we went to red rock canyon had ice cream at The Big Scoop, and went to cameron lake to wade in the water.

Next we went and spent one night in the Johnston canyon camp ground and then we hiked up to the upper falls in Johnston canyon. It is a beautiful walk and if you get the chance you must do it. after the hike we headed home to our own warm beds. It was a fabulous trip we had a ton of fun and really just relaxed and enjoyed each others company I dont know why but there was a lot of talk about underwear ( ryans recent obscession) but you really had to be there to get it.

Anyway here are a few pictures:

Ryan insisted I get a picture of his bubble, I didnt realize what I was photographing until later.

Skyler chillin by the campfire at Johnston Campground

Skyler had quite the snooze in the kid pack on the Johnston canyon hike

I was just trying to get a nice picture of a little boy walking by a fence but he kept turining around and sticking his tounge out whenever I went to take a picture. What a goof. This is by Cameron lake in Waterton

Just a cute picture of the squirt taken by Jon

Me and Breanna by Cameron falls. Taken by Jon.

Breana Showing off her first aid skills. She insisted I needed a bandaid for a little cut. Again taken by Jon

Skyler LOVED the waterslide.

So did everyone else.
and who can pass up the oppourtunity to play in the mud?

Ryan at red rock canyon

Jon and Skyler by the camp fire in waterton.

Thats all for now folks!

Friday, July 18, 2008


We returned yesterday from our family vacation. I promise a proper post accompanied by pictures is comimg soon but first her are a few words to describe our trip.

Family Reunion
ice cream
Johnston Canyon
Dirty laundry

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


What Breanna said:

Mom you should go sit on the couch and rest, you look a little sick.

What Breanna meant:

Mom go into the living room so I can hide in the kitchen and eat a cup of sugar.

Thursday, June 05, 2008


Ok i promise I have a real honest to goodness post coming. Really. Here is a tag from nikki. You type your name into a search engine with the word is or wants and see what comes of it. For example "Heather is"

Here is what I got.

Heather is actually quite tall and brainy.

well I have never been described as that but I will take it as a compliment

Heather is a beautiful woman that has entertained us for decades

Well thank you Im glad I could bring joy into the world

Heather is a young, single, working woman

uuhhhhh I am afraid you have been misinformed.


yes even you.

Heather is the one with the muscles.

Yeah anyone want to arm wrestle?

Heather is growing quite nicely in its pot

just give me a little water every couple days and I am good!

Heather is a scank and a fat slob

the internet is not very nice sometimes!

Heather is furious

wouldnt you be if someone said that about you?

Heather is not above bribing people for their affection

only when they say mean things to me.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Isin't it ironic

Now that Breanna is in a booster seat she has a habbit of unbuckling herself whenever we stop. Even if it is just a quick stop she will unbuckle herslef and since she cant do it back up herself so I have to go back and buckle her back up. It bothers me from time to time and this morning when she did it I was muttering about putting her back in a regular car seat so she could not do it anymore.

Anyway not ten minutes later when we go pick her friend up to drop them both off at school somehow I manage to lock my kids and my keys in the car. Thank heavens for a kid who can unbuckle herself so she could unock the door for me.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Caught in the act

I seriously want to take that seed away everytime I see this picture

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

all right all ready

I know i have heard it from everyone I have not blogged in forever! So to appease the masses here you go! Some happenings in the Hill house.

  • Ryan is four yay! He had a good birthday will lots of presents from grandparents and aunts and uncles and mom and dad. My kids are going to get spoiled. They have so many people who love them and I love that.

  • Jon is 33, my hubby is growing up too, hee hee hee.

  • Jon is doing papers in the morning, he is an on call paper deliverer. He usually gets a call the night before telling him which route he is doing for the next morning or the next few mornings. Sometimes though he gets an extra route in the morning. The other day he did 300 papers in one morning. The man is a machine. He seems to like it and the extra income is nice too.

  • I am blogging my first blog on our new computer. We decided to use some of our tax return on getting a new desk and a new case for our computer. As many of you who have been here know our old computer was very noisy. It would get hot inside and the fan would kick into high gear and make a loud high pitched hum. So we decided to get a better ventilated case with fans to keep everything cool. Well we were putting all our computer guts into the new case and then we saw smoke. Not so good when you are dealing with computer. Smoke= Replacing almost all the computer components because they are either toast or not compliant with the new stuf. I love the new computer it is so very wonderfully quiet

  • I am seriously tickled pink that spring is on the way. I can not wait till the snow melts from the parks and we can go play and take walks in the ravines, so excited!

well anyway here are a few pictures to leave you with

Breanna with the mini mandarins. So Cute! (the oranges are cute too!)

How much is that baby in the window?

Ryan at the ice castle

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Good Idea, Bad Idea

Good Idea : Taking the door key off the key ring so you can lock the car with the engine running so you can have a warm frost free car to get back into.

Bad Idea: Taking every key BUT the door key off the ring so what you actualy do is lock your keys in the car at 7:00 in the morning at the Seven Eleven.

(oh and it is also a good idea to marry a man who is handy with a coat hanger and also has a wonderful father who will pick you up take you home and then take said husband to get the keys out of the car)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

I really dont know what to say about this one, but I feel it just had to be posted anyway.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My Bucket List 30 random things

The other night we had Young Womens activity where we made lists of 100 things we wanted to do before we turned 100. The idea was taken from the movie "The Bucket List" where two men go and do everything they had wanted to do before they "kicked the bucket". Anyway here is the begining of the list I have made. They are in no particular order, some are pretty small some are bigger. Some are things that I have wanted to do forever some are things that I just thought of.

  1. go parasailing

  2. play in a concert band again

  3. take the kids to disneyland

  4. take a ballroom dance class with Jon

  5. go on a real honeymoon with Jon

  6. go white water rafting

  7. take a train across canada

  8. go golfing

  9. See the Eskimos win the Grey Cup live

  10. See the Oilers Win the Stanley Cup live

  11. Go to the Salt Lake Temple

  12. Go to Europe

  13. Go to Africa

  14. Go to Israel

  15. Own my own home free and clear

  16. Wear "the skirt" again (the one in my closet that I cant get rid of because that would be admitting I will never be that skinny again)

  17. See a show on Broadway

  18. Get a real massage (I know Lara I just need to not be so lazy on this one :)

  19. Go on one of Jon's crazy hikes with him

  20. Catch a fish

  21. Swim in the ocean

  22. Go snorkeling

  23. Go on a cruise

  24. Get a pedicure

  25. Take my kids on a big long road trip all through the mountains

  26. Go with Jon to see his mission

  27. Have every room in my house perfectly clean at the same time

  28. Stay at the Hotel Macdonald

  29. Float in the dead sea

  30. See real castles, the really old ones
Ok so there are some of mine what are yours?

Friday, January 04, 2008

Why oh why.

Mom: Breanna why did you colour all over Skyler's back? (with dry erase marker)

Breanna: Mom, I was just decorating for the holidays.

What on earth do I do with that one especially considering the holidays are OVER!

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

In the car

Ryan: Were we goin mom?

Mom: Walmart

Ryan: Why we goin Walmart?

Mom: To buy presents.

Ryan: Who we buyn presents for?

Mom: We are getting presents for your aunts and uncles. Santa gets presents for good boys and girls.

Ryan: I a really good boy. I a really SUPER good boy.