Friday, April 29, 2005

My state of mind

Feeling: Grumpy
Loving: The smell of balsamic vinegar, and fresh pineapple
Wanting: A babysitter for tonight
Hating: My lack of capability in feeding my kid

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The Skinny Kid Chronicles

I took my skinny little boy to the doctors office today. The little guy has not really gained any significant weight in the last two months (he had been sick this last month so it did not surprise me) anyway the doctor we see is a family physician. He believes that Ryan should see a pediatrician. He has orderd a couple of tests including something called a sweat chloride test ( I think and get some blood work. I have to take him tomorow to the lab and have blood taken to test his thyroid and make sure that is working properly. I am not looking forward to it.

As for the tests I am not worried as I think his lack of weight is due to his stubborness in eating. When we got his immunizations the nurse referd him to an occupational therapist who can help with getting him to eat better. He has made progress and hopefully with some new ideas and perseverance we can get this kid to chub up.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Terrible two

Im sitting in front of the computer doin my own thing. I hear Breanna walk from the kitchen to the living room and think nothing of it. Moments later I hear the sound of lips smacking. I look over to see Breanna and Ryan dipping their hands into the juice jug and sucking the juice off their fingers.

I have a funny feeling these two will get in much mischef together.

Saturday, April 23, 2005


We took the kids today to Drumheller and the Tyrell museum (disoor nooseum as breanna calls it). It was a day very well spent. Breanna LOVED IT. She of course has been talking about it since we told her it was happening. This morning after I finished braiding Breannas hair I told her she was beautiful and that dinosaurs liked to eat beautiful girls. I then realised that this may not a be a good idea and told her that dinosaurs wont eat her then she ran around telling us over and over again. "Dinosars dont eat me!" She then got the idea the her milk was in danger and began telling us "Dinosaurs going to take my milk away!" We assured her that would not happen either. We needent have worried that she would be afraid.

As soon as she saw the first dinosaur skeletons on display it was "Look at this dad look at this!" She took dad around and showed him everything. I usualy enjoy reading the information that they have about the animals and the times they lived in but with a two year old it is hard. You do have an oppourtunity to look at the experience in a different light. She sees everything wich such wonder. There was one skeleton she saw and said that the dinosaur was scary we told her that if a dinosaur scared her to just roar at it. She did and that was it for the scary dinosaur.

Ryan is still young to realise that what was going on so he was just carried around and ran around playing (with his pants falling off his skinny hips the whole time of course.) Both kids were not to fond of being wheeled around so there were empty strollers with us where ever we went. I had my brother and sister with us though so there were always ample people to watch kids and strollers.

We also went to see the Hoo Doos which Jon says are pathetic compared to the ones in By Duchess which is in southern Alberta.

All in all it was a great day and everyone had fun. I love taking the kids new places to see new things. I cant wait till Ryan too is old enough to take it in with the same wonder Breanna does. So we did the zoo and the dinosaur museum, where to go next I wonder.

Dont look now Ryan but I think there is something behind you! Posted by Hello

One exhibit at the tyrell Museum has a glass floor that Breanna found very unnerving. This picture is of her dad guiding her acroos it. She would take small nervous steps until she got to one of the supports and she would take a big step to what she would consider saftey and then we would have to encourage againto cross the next section. Posted by Hello

Friday, April 22, 2005

A stern talking to

This morning I am on the laptop doing my check of the blogs, Breanna runs up to me tosses her cup on the table so it skims the keyboard says more milk and runs back to the couch. The laptop is not a cheap piece of equipment and I decide she needs a talking to. (by the way Jon if you are reading this dont worry it was one of the light disposable cups and no damage was done to the computer)

The talk went something like this:

Mom: Breanna! If you want milk you bring the cup to me and ask nicley. You dont throw the cup at the computer do you understand!

Breanna: no

Well now that we have that cleared up I will get your milk.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

My Minivan

I have a new van. I have a new van. I have a new van.

It is gorgeous. I love it. I cant wait to drive around in it. The back side windows open with the touch of a button at the front. There are cup holders (our last car only had little things in the door only big enough for a can) The cigarette lighter works. (which makes it so we can hook up our laptop to play movies on long trips our other car we had to rig up to work.) The benches fold down are removable and the back one slides back and forth. There is a nifty little storage drawer for cds and stuff under the passanger side bucket seat. There is a winshield wiper on the back window. The car looks like it has been well maintained with stickers from regular oil changes and transmission flush. It looks nice inside and out. It was not cleaned before we had it but all it needs is a wipe down in a few places and a vacuuming. It came with a headless toy, a dirty baby bottle and an ashtray full of nickles dimes and quarters.

The extra room is going to be nice, especialy on long trips when we wont have to strap our double stroller to the roof so we have enough room for it and our luggage. Anyway I think I have talked about it enough for tonight.

(sigh I think I need to look out the window again)

Sunday, April 17, 2005


We have a new (to us) barbeque. We have moved up from the table top barbeque. Jon is buisily preparing potato packets to cook on the barbeque. With wich we are going to have barbequed drumsticks. I love how having a barbeque gives my husband a sudden desire to cook. Mmm how long till dinner?

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


I just talked to my friend Tara, we were pretty inseperable when I was in the singles wards. It brought back some memories.

Here are some of my favourite Tara memories

1. Staying up all night and working all the next day making hersheys hug and kiss costumes for a dance we only made it for the last 15 min for

2. Sining the song "Femininity" acapella for a ysa music night

3. Watching many Val Kilmer movies

4. Toilet papering her brother and his wifes house and then getting sepperated after we made a get away

5. Fender Bender on a temple trip in Tara's little Lada (i believe it was a russian made car) I know not a pleasant thing at the time but gave the trip flavour. And stuffing newspapers in the cracks of the car door to try and deaden the noise.

6. Her flying out to Edmonton on the spot the weekend after my son was born because she couldnt wait to see him.

I miss Tara. I know you always make new friends but there are some that you can not see for yers and still laugh and talk when you see them as if it had only been a couple of days. Those were good times

Monday, April 11, 2005

Self Image

Breanna has been listening to Jon and I talk about our desire to lose some weight and get into better shape. And our displeasure with the way our bodies are now. This was our conversation as I was getting her ready for bed

note, ma is the way Breanna refers to her self and says I

Breanna: Ma fat

Me: What?

Breanna: Ma fat

Mom: Youre not fat, your beautiful

Breanna: Ma bootiful (spreads her arms wide) Ma Super Banna!!!

Me: Yes you are Super Breanna

Living with a two year old is sometimes like living with a tape recorder on play back

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Back to nursery.

I guess at church they figure I am a little immature. I have been sent back to nursery. Just Kidding. Today I was released as a member of the enrichment committe and called to be a worker in the nursery. I will miss the enrichment committe as I had more fun in that calling then anyone should have in any calling. But things change and the time comes to move on. Nursery should be a fun calling because it is geard toward people with attention spans just as short as mine. It will be interesting to see how Breanna reacts to having her mom in nursery with her. I am excited.

Friday, April 08, 2005

Barganing with Breanna

Mom had decided not to go get a haircut yesterday, car was acting a little funny. Breanna was dissappointed

Mom: Want to go to the park?

Breanna: Get Hair cut!

Mom: We can get a treat after the park

Breanna: Treat after the haircut!

She won, we got haircuts, went to the park and got a treat.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Confessions of a Phoneaholic

Hi, my name is Heather, I have been using (the phone) for most of my life. I have been off it for about umm, never mind I am on the phone right now. I want to cut down I really do. I talk when I am alone, I talk in the morning. I talk when I feel sad. I talk when I am happy. Reality hit me when I found my daughter on the phone (photo in previous post) Ok, tommorow, Thursday April 7 2005 I will only use the phone when I have to. No calling just to chat. I can do this right?

Ok if I was a stronger person I would go cold turkey but lets be realistic here. (and besides, once and a while cant hurt, right?)

Monday, April 04, 2005

Breannas Mommy impression? Posted by Hello

Paris Hilton at the zoo

Ok we saw Paris Hilton at the zoo. Or at least her look alike, or well somone who likes to dress like her. She had long blond hair in two braids. She was wearing this jacket that was bright pink. The back and sleves was a knit. The shoulders were coverd with a pink suede and around the neck and down the front was pink fur. She was wearing a short denim skirt and black high heeled suede boots that reached almost up to her knees. The whole look really reminded me of Paris and the first time I saw her I had to do a double take because for a milisecond I thought I really had seen her. I wonder if the resemblence was intentional.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Breanna in the dress that Grandma Hill made for easter. So pretty Posted by Hello

Just another pic of the dress grandma made I couldnt figure out how to post both in one post.  Posted by Hello

A Day At The Zoo

Yesterday was our trip to the zoo. As far as a day trip to calgary can go with two toddlers I would give it a 10. Breanna LOVED it. Every second of it (except for maybe a few on the train because she did not get to sit in the blue car) She loved the elephants, the bear, the monkeys, the hippos, the giraffe. She would run where she wanted to and command us to follow.

Ryan was his typical happy self throughout the entire thing, laughing and giggling whenever aunties and grandparents played with him.

Dad loved the Jaguars, normaly his favorite part is the tigers but I think this time the Jaguars (who are only there for a short period I think) took the cake for him. Those cats look so powerful. It would be interesting to see animals like that in their own habitat and to see what speed and power they are capable. There was a black one and a spotted one. I did not see too much as there were a lot of people croweded around and I did not want to push through.

As for mom I liked it all but I think that mostly I loved that the kids were well behaved. What a difference that makes. It is always interesting to see the array of different animals in the world. I did have the rare oppourtunity of seeing an elephant go to the bathroom. Apparently they dont care how many people are watching. Lets just say you dont want to be too close to an elephant at that time.

We went to Japanese village for dinner afterward for Jocelyns birthday. It was yummy as usual but they were busy that night and so the food all came REALLY fast. Usually you have some time between courses but not last night. They looked pretty busy and I think they were trying to get people in and out so could keep things moving.

The drive home was good, Ryan slept the whole way only waking up to fuss when Breanna made too much noise. Breanna did get a little grumpy for the last 45 min but it was not too bad. After we got home Breanna went right to bed and Ryan stayed up till midnight (mom tried to stay up to but ended up going to bed at 10:30, Thanks to dad for putting him to bed.

A good day was had by all, and we still would want to do it again.