Monday, February 27, 2006

Night 2

Much better. Ryan woke up but it was before we went to bed and was back asleep not long after.
He is turning into tempertantrum boy. It started when he was sick last week and it keeps hanging on. He hest mad and screams. ACK ACK. It is loud and screachy. Lets hope he gets used to the change and calms down soon. Anyway life is starting to settle. Im looking forward to after an appointment tomorow and I can have some chill time at home and nowhere to be for a while.

Still loving my new place.

Got a set of new phones. So now I can get rid of my one that does not ring and the one that does not dial properly. WOO HOO!!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2006


A big humongus thank you too all who have assisted in my move through watching my kids, watching kids of people who helped me, moving boxes, helping us get the truck and cleaning. We could not have done it without you!

Night 1

Kids down 7:30ish
Breanna up at 9:30
Breanna back down at 12:00 or so
Ryan up at 2:00
Ryan back down at 5:00
Kids up at 7:00

Long night. Kids grumpy today. After tomorow move is officaly over other place will be cleaned out completley.

Saturday, February 25, 2006


House moved. New house partialy unpacked. Old house needs cleaning, but that is a job for monday. Kids in bed. Phone transferred. Cable and internet set up. Chill time now.

Things I like.

7 drawers in my kitchen
lots of closets in my bedroom
3 bathrooms including one in my bedroom
fireplace (even though I have to wait to use it)
back yardish area
one door key
3 floors
anticipation of a full size washer and dryer of my own

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

4 days and counting

4 days left till we move. Still a lot of work to do, but we are not doing too bad. Except today was almost complete write off. Suprise we have sickness again. It seems this year has been a parade of ilness the kids always seem to be catching something. Colds, fevers, ear infections, coughs. Today we have the stomach flu. So far it is me and Ryan. Im pretty much over with it and I did not get too bad but poor Ryan has been afflicted with it on both sides, If you know what I mean.

I dont want Jon to get it, but if he is going to get it I want it to be now so he will be better by the time we move.

Here is hoping we are happy, healthy and packed on moving day!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Worst thing I did yesterday, and the dumbest.

I accidently went to work with Monkey in the car. Breannas bestest most faviorite stuffed animal. A matted and well loved gorilla. She always says she cant sleep without him but It has never been a problem because he is always there. Well last night it took her a very long time to get to sleep.

Breanna: Daddy can I make a wish.

Daddy: Yes you can.

Breanna: I wish that monkey was here with me.

Then she made another wish.

Breanna: I wish that Abby was here so I could play with her.

When I heard this story from Jon it just made my heart break for her. I wish I could bring Abby back.

Our cable was out for a significant portion of the day yesterday. It was for everyone betwenn 10th ave and 34th ave and between calgary trail and 111st. Anyway I am at work and I called home to check up and Jon said the cable was still gone. After I get off Im like oh no L O S T is on tonight I cant miss an episode of L O S T. So I call my friend to she if she can record it for me. Well she is busy and I get her husband, I leave a message about what I wanted and reminds me that today is in fact tuesday. L O S T is on wednesday. Great not only do I look stupid but it is in front of the friends husband..Yeah real genius here. Our cable came back on sometime in thie middle of the night yesterday,

At work, again

Two guys come through my till, very nice. They chat with me and the lady behind them. Moments after they leave the lady realizes that one of them has left behind his cell phone. We call out to them at the door and he comes back and picks it up. At wich point he drops a five dolar bill for the lady and tries to leave. The lady tries to say no to the small reward and chases the man out the door. He of course fends off the five dollar bill being shoved back at him. The lady wins and manages to get it back in his hand and tells him to donate it to an animal shelter or something. This all happend amid laughter and the best of intentions of course.

Hey if you are going to fight over it I will take the five dollars!

Later a guy comes through my till i have never seen before in my life. He is buying a DVD player,

Guy: Do I get a staff discount?

(yes I give everyoine I have never met a staff discount)

Me: Uh do you work here?

Guy: Yeah I work at the north store

Me: I gotta call Bobbi for that.

Guy: Dont worry about It im in a hurry it is so cheap anyway.

Me: are you sure?

Guy: yeah I gotta go.

I begin to ring through the purchase.

Me: did you just start?

Guy: Yeah what is our discount like 10 percent or something?

I start to tell him what it is but decide not to tell him exactly, the whole thing just seememd weird. I finish the purchace and he starts out the door without his reciept or change.

Guy: Dont worry about that.

Im not sure if he is talking abou the reciept or the two dollars change.

Me: Dont you want your reciept? (if you work there you should know you cant exchange without your reciept)

guy: Uh yes I guess I do.

He leaves. Ok it all just seememed not quite right, I dunno maybe he does work at the north side store but why wouldnt he buy the stuff there and why would he not ask his boss there about his discount instead of someone who dosent even know him at the other store?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

20 days

20 days to go till our anticipated moving date! Yay Im so excited. We are moving up from an apartment to a town house. So these are the things I love about the new place!

  • 3 floors
  • 3 bathrooms
  • fire place
  • back yard
  • eating area with linoleum in it (no more kids meal messes on the carpet!)
  • My own little driveway. (not just a parking stall we get a little driveway)
  • a door bell (ok that is what breanna is excited about)
  • a real size washer and dryer of my own! (once I buy them of course)
  • a really big bedroom with a bathroom in it
  • wall to wall closets in our bedroom. (I need new clothes to fill them all)
  • a park across the street
  • a place to plant some flowers
  • stairs!

We are planning to move on saturday the 25th I cant wait.

Friday, February 03, 2006


When I was single and attending the singles ward me and my brother and I used to drive someone to church all the time. At first we started driving him because the people who used to drive him were no longer able too. It stayed that way for a long time I think because he became comfortable with us. He was a little out of the way but my father when we were young would always drive people who didnt have a car to church so we did aswell. Sometimes it was annoying but really i didnt mind being a car pool. We drove Shane to church for a few years until I got married and I believe my siblings continued to drive him after that.

Shane had names for everyone. He would take your name and make some sort of play on words with it. When Jon and I were dating he became "Jon the toilet" another girl was "Jen the pen". For a long time I was "Hey Heather how's the weather". Well one day at work someone I worked with joked about how Heather and Leather rymed and called me "Black Leather Heather". Shane heard this sometime later. He thought it was hilarious and embraced it. Black Leather Heather was immortalized. That is what he called me from then on.

I remember when I was going through a tough time Shane could tell if I was having a bad day. He would write me a note telling me how wonderful I was and how he appreciated me. When he would do that I always knew that he meant it. They were so sweet and touching. Honestly I would be lying if i said he never drove me crazy because he did sometimes. When I think about it I cant remember many of the things that frustrated me but more of the things that made me laugh.

He would talk to anyone and try to cheer them up. He would laugh and joke with anyone. He would create a name for everyone. I kind of wish I rememberd more of the names he used.

I just learned that Shane passed away last night. He had epilepsy and had a seisure that stopped his heart. I have only seen him a handful of times since I got married. Im sad that I wont see him again for a long time. I explained to my daughter today that I was sad because one of my friends went to live with Heavenly Father and I wouldnt see him for a long time. Im happy as well because I know that is where he is.