Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mommas loosing her marbles and Skyler is helping.

I have been known to talk in my sleep from time to time. It is usually when I am sleeping lightly enough that I wake myself up when doing it. What I think I have said is rarely what Jon remembers me saying. If I think I have said something semi coherent Jon heard something completely ridiculous.

Jon and I went to bed just after midnight last night (a late night for us) Skyler woke up and was crying so I brought him in with us. I began to fall asleep and have those mind wandering dreams you usually have as you drift off. Well people kept talking to me in my dreams and I kept answering them. Then finally I don't know if it was an awareness that I was talking gibberish or if something funny happened in a dream but I was laughing. Not just a giggle but a full blown my sides hurt and I cant stop laugh. Jon was annoyed because he is trying to sleep I'm trying not to wake Skyler up but seriously I don't know what came over me, I still laugh when I think about it. It took a while for the after giggles to die down.


I came home this morning from dropping Breanna off at school and went up stairs to make a couple phone calls, for a moment I couldn't see or hear Skyler and had this momentary irrational fear that I had left him in the van. Then I heard him in the kitchen. I walked in to find him with both hands wrist deep in the margarine tub.


I walked outside the front door for a second today and closed the front door behind me. When I went to go back in a moment later I found the front door locked. Courtesy of Skyler.

I walked around back and tried to get him to open the back patio door which he has no problems doing when he wants to take a walk in the fresh snow with no diaper or pants on his bottom, like he did this morning. So he makes a half hearted effort to unlock the door and then tries futility to open the door and gives up and goes back to playing with his boat.

I try the front door again. (even though I knew it would not help)

Then I tried the front window which was unlocked. Yeah don't bother trying to climb through a window less then two feet across when you are even a little pregnant. I am sure some of my neighbours had a lovely view of my bottom half hanging out the front of my house.

I went around back and as I was pondering the acrobatics required to get my self through the slightly larger but higher up window in the back I decided to try one last time to get Skyler to let me in.

Turns out the secret is to not try go get him to let you in but to tell him to come out side, suddenly he had so much more motivation.

(did I mention it was wet and snowing outside and I had no jacket?)


Monday, May 11, 2009

An outing to the park or a mothers day sampler.

So Skyler had a cold and while we kept him home to avoid spreading it to the whole nursery we needed to get the kids out so we went on a family walk to the park. (wich we wouldnt normaly do on a sunday but sometimes you just hafta get out of the house!)

I dont know if you have watched the trailer for the new "Night at the museum" movie but this is Ryan's "gong show" "Fire Powa"

Breanna was too scared to do these monkey bars when we were watching because they were "too high" of course when you turn your back what happens?

I have titled this picture "Deceptively Serene" Man I love these kids.