Sunday, March 26, 2006

To the beat of a different drum

I have felt the occasoinal rare flutter in my chest. Friday it was anything but rare or occasional. I began to take my pulse and could feel a definate disturbance when the flutter occourd. To make a long story short after 12 hours in an emergency room (9 of wich I spent waiting room) and a couple blood tests they sent me home and told me not to worry about it. Unless it happens with dizzyness or fainting or chest pains. Woo Hoo. I guess it is not abnormal to have palpitations during pregnancy. They just want to rule out other complications first.

So right not I feel like I have had the hiccoughs for 3 days. Mild mind you and in a different place they do they stop for a time and then they are back. It feels like my heart goes:

lub dub..lub dub..lub dub..lub dub.............LUUUUB dub..lub dub..lub dub..lub dub..lub dub..lub dub.........LUUUUB dub.

so im supossed to be trying to sleep right now but laying down not doing anything else they have become obvious to me. You know when something becomes annoying and if something distracts you it dosent bother you anymore? So you try to ignore it. It is like trying not to think about pink elephants. (dont think about pink elephants, dont think about pink elephants) you know what you are doing? Thinking about not thinking about pink elephants so in effect you are doing what?.......

Thats Right!!!! Thinking about pink elephants.

So as I left I asked the doctor: "if this keeps happening should I do anything?"

Yeah no only if I feel dizyness or chest pain blah blah blah.

I dont take my heart for granted right now. It is something you never pay attention too. Maybe it is just saying to me "Hello im here dont forget about me!" Im glad it is still working but it is like it is on a work to rule campagain rather then a full fleged strike.

So here it is. I LOVE YOU HEART! thanx for all the great work you have done all my life. You are the wind beneath my wings and I love you!!!

So everyone say thank you to your heart today.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A phone conversation

Heather: You should come to Edmonton for your birthday this year. That way you might be here when the baby gets here!

Tara: Yay!

Tara: Hey Mike (her husband) guess what Heather is getting me for my birthday

Mike: (in the background) what?

Tara: A BABY!

Mike: Could you keep that one over at her house?

Monday, March 06, 2006

Revisiting my childhood

I like to colour, it is relaxing. Having children one tends to have crayons and colouring books handy. Breanna got a Caillou colouring book from her grandma. Today I was colring a picture of Caillou looking at a fish bowl. As I was colouring the fish a decidedly orange colour I looked at the top of the page and read the caption.

"Caillou likes to watch the red fish"

Thursday, March 02, 2006

5 Weeks down 35 to go