Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ikea and potty training

You all know Ikea. It is designed so that on your journey through you get to walk through every section and be tempted to spend money at every turn. We all know it works. You go to look at storage bins and end up buying crayon containers and a wooden top to a metal drawer set you bought last year. But no storage bins.

They do have a few shortcuts but we all know should a fire alarm go off there would be mass chaos. Especially on a saturday afternoon.

Anyway we are in the storage section and Breanna (who never tells us she has to go potty) tells dad she has to go. So of course mom grabs her hand and and we start to run. At this point there are no shortcuts to where we want to go and we are on the other side of the store. So we run through the art and the plants and the section at the end with all the boxed items. And we make it to the bathroom. First stall we try the last person did not flush, gross. Next stall: wet seat. Next one is taken. Finaly we are in the stall and she was only a tiny bit wet. (I would have had a hard time holding if it were me).

So she is on the potty and darn those automatic toilets, it goes off when she is halfway through. Of course it scares her and I have a 3 year old coming at me mid potty. How fun is that. Well mess gets cleaned up (which was not to bad considering) And I am ready for a nap.

Oh and somehow on our long trek back to where we left Dad and Ryan, we miss them coming to get us.

Thanxs Ikea, Thanxs a lot.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Im lying on the couch my eyes are closing. I am in that state where you are neither awake or asleep and you "think" you know what is going on. The kids are playing right beside me. I feel arms and legs crawling on top of me. And a voice wafts through to my hazy brain.

"hold still Ryan"

I open my eyes and for a moment it seems I am in an art gallery looking at abstract paintings. Then I realize that no. I am in my living room on my couch. That is not a white canvas, it is Ryan's bare torso, there is no paint. Just black mascara.

I guess Breanna's art project decided he had enough.

Oh and by the way, dont keep makeup in the diaper bag. It is just asking for disaster

Saturday, September 24, 2005

First weekend of fall

  • Breanna is 3. No longer a toddler and entering the realms of offical kidhood she got a library card. I decided to make Wednesday our offical library day. After reading these books about a million times so far I think I am going to have to go sooner.
  • Id like to thank Robert Munsch for writing the book "I'll Love You Forever" It makes me cry EVERY SINGLE TIME! Darn him.
  • I am feeling very lucky to have the friends I have. They are so great and giving and wonderful. And they make me laugh.
  • Relief Society broadcast tonight. Im totally excited to go.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Happy 3rd Birthday Bug!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A little lesson?

Breanna came up to me pretending to hold two small things in her hand

"I got a little monkey and a little Jesus"

considering we were about to start family home evening I am sure I could have used th opourtunity to make some spiritual point out of it but all I could do was laugh and wonder where on earth she gets things sometimes.


Mom: Wat is your wolf's name?
Breanna: Gordon
Mom: What is your monkey's name?
Breanna: Gunny.
Mom: What is your name?
Breanna: Banna,
Mom: do you know what my name is?
Breanna: What?
Mom: Heather
Breanna: Oh Heather:
Mom: Yes but you call me Mommy
Breanna: no your Heather
Mom: Yes but you call me mommy:
Breanna: No! your Heather!
Mom: But YOU call me mommy!
Breanna: No! Your HEATHER MOMMY!
Mom: Yup thats it.

(I love winning even when they dont know they just lost)

Friday, September 09, 2005

Beauty and the Beast

Shortly after the Disney movie Beauty and the Beast came out I purchased the collectors set. Complete with book and video about the making, a lithograph and the video itself. The video I kept unopend for sometime (you know it might be worth something and it was kind of sentimental) After a while the cellophane came off the plastic case was a little crunched in a place or two but the tab over the opening remained intact.

Jon has tried to convince me to use that video for the entirety of our marriage. You know the celophane is gone and it is dented so it would not be worth anything anymore. I just couldnt do it. It was personal and sentimental. Today as we were putting some movies away Breanna started to tear the tab. At first I pressed it back. Then I did something I did not realize I was ready to do. I gave her the movie and told her to rip off the tab.

Tomorow morning my little girl and I will watch Beauty and the Beast together for her first time. Mom of course will sing along while she laughs and enjoys every moment of it. All this time it was not being saved to be a collectors item it was saved just for this, for me and my little girl. So she can love that movie just as much as I did. And still do.

Update on last night

Well when I left this blog last night It was 3:48 and I was going back to bed. Well it did not go quite as I had planned. I tried to put him in his bed and he woke up. We ended up falling asleep together on the couch watching "Martin Yan's Chinatown" and going to bed at 4:30

3:48 am

Yay he is sleeping im going back to bed

Loving: My mischevous kids I have a feeling that these two will have many adventures together

Reading: High Druid of Shannara

Craving: A Shirley Temple and peach cobbler

Hating: that the weather did not allow us to go camping this weekend

Waiting for: The next season of Lost

3:30 am

Im up because I cant really sleep. It is a bad combo when both you and the squirmy 18 month old in bed with you cant quite get into that deep sleep. So here I am at an hour in the morning that really should not even exist. I have taken some ventolin to loosen my tight chest (my 1st major obstacle to getting a deep sleep) and am sitting at this computer waiting for the said squirmy 18 month old to fall asleep (second major obstacle0. With out having to nurse him. Which dosent mean I have not already nursed him tonight because hello so far his will and my desire for sleep have been stronger then my resolve to wean him for the last couple of days.

If anyone out there in blogging land wonder how the will of an 18 month old boy can be stronger then the will of a 27 year old woman boy, do I have stories to tell.

oh eyes closing.... uh nevermind. Hmm what else to do at 3:30

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

September Update

  • Jon got a new bike yay! He got it to use for riding to school, not for crazy mountain biking, of course not. (he took it out to try it out the other day and came home coverd in mud)
  • After two weeks of many temper tantrums Ryan has been weaned to one feeding at night. I know I gave people permission to bug me if I wasint done by september 4 but this nightime thing has proven much harder then I thought.
  • Ryan is now eating better then Breanna does, I never thought I would see that happen.
  • Jon's short vacation is over and it is back to classes this week. This semester his program moved from the downtoun campus to the millwoods one so that will make it nicer for him as he is much closer to home