Thursday, May 25, 2006


  • If we tell you we cant sell the display model when we still have the item in the box. Dont bre sarcastic and ask me if I want to come and set it up for you! HELLO of course we dont want to set it up for you that is why we dont want to sell the display model because as soon as you take that we have to put another one together! (ok maybe not me but one of the boys will)

  • Actual phone call

Me: hello xyz store

Lady: Hi I bought a scale and it is not weighing the way I want it to I was wondering if I could bring it back.

Me: (pause) there is a thirty day exchange if there is something wrong with it.

(this is the kind of exchange you joke about but seriously who would do it!)

turns out she needed it to be more accurate for medical purposes makes so much more sense now.

  • Chances are if the boxes are taped shut and there are signs that say "please do not open the packages" we actually do not want you to open the packeges. That is why we usualy put a demo item on display. No we are not trying to trick you that is really what is in the box. Oh and why when there are already 20 million open boxes of an item must you open one more!

Saturday, May 20, 2006

springtime in Narnia

springtime in Narnia
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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Its all in a name?

John Ducey Park - Telus Feild

Northlands Coliseum - SkyReach - Rexall place

The Convention Center - Shaw Conference Center

Capilano Drive - Wayne Gretzky Drive

Calgary Trail North - Gateway Boulevard

Fantasy Land - Galaxy Land

Klondike Days - Capital EX

Mayfair Park - Hawrelak Park (ok so I dont even remember it being called Mayfair but I included it in my list anyway)

What is with changing names? I still slip up and say names like fantasy land and Calgary trail north. What is summer going to be like with out Klonkike days? Its not like Im not good with change I can handle it but it confuses my tounge really. It is not like I decide to change my childrens names halfway through their lives or something.

Thats all I have to say about that.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

This that and another thing

  • Absolutly loving: Homemade strawberry freezer jam. MMMM so good thanks Nikki.
  • We are just waiting for Jon to start his new job at Canada Revenue. They are starting 8 of them and they all have to prove that they passed their program then everyone can start.
  • Im loving the weather I cant wait to get out and do some camping and picnics and stuff
  • I have been officaly arrested by some neigbourhood kids for "suspicous behaviour" apparently taking pictures of rocks and flowers is suspicous. Im under house arrest for tow days. I can only go out when they are at school. Yeah right. They keep knocking at my door and giving me warnings and stuff. It was funny at first but it might get old fast.
  • 24 and a half weeks to go until baby arrives.
  • and that is about all that I can think of that is interesting right now. (ok maybe it is not that interesting but it is all I have)

Fry guy

Fry guy
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It is hard to get a good smile on this kid for a picture. He does this cheeze thing where he sticks his chin out and it looks so funny. I got this smile though by making snorting noises.

Flower Girl

Flower Girl
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photo shoot in the back yard today. This is my favourite!