Friday, January 23, 2009

Pulling from the archives.

*I have not blogged in a while so I found this one in the archives that I had not published.

So the other night I found Breanna (when she was supposed to be in bed) lying on the floor by the light of the bathroom, stuffed toy in her arms and book in her hand. The conversation went something like this.

Mom: Breanna go to bed please....

Breanna go to bed now....

Breanna: asleep...

Mom: Breanna you have till the count of five...1...2...3...4...5

(for the record I could toltaly tell that she had been reading her book and was not asleep at all there was no doubt about it.)

So I pick her up and plop her in bed, not roughly but not as gently as I would have if I actually thought she was sleeping.


Me: Breanna I know you werent sleeping.

Breanna: yes I was..

Me: Then why were you on the floor in the hall.

Breanna: I fell out of bed.

yeah chances are if she fell on the bed she would have woke up crying or at the very least woke up to climb back in bed, not some how land 5 feet away from her bed in the hall in the perfect position to read by the light of the bathroom.

So she continues to insist that she did indeed fall out of the bed and was indeed telling the truth and gets upset that I do not believe her. As I leave the room she drops this one on me...

"Heavenly Father knows Im telling you the truth"

Seriously how do you respond to that?!?!?!? I just said goodnight and went down stairs.

*Breanna did admit later to her little fib. we talked and it is all good.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am sure there are other things I could or should be blogging about but since I am sick and miserable I will just say this:

Today I walked around the corner and found my daughter reading a book silently to herself and I cant get over how supremley cool that is. My kid can read. Literacy is a wonderful thing.

Monday, January 05, 2009

A smattering of Photographs

Skyler is my little mischeif maker he is always getting into something or other.

Ryan does not believe in making regular smiling faces for a picture. ( his lens fell out of his glasses due to a lost screw. thus the lack of glasses and the cross eyed look)

I cant get over how grown up this kid is getting, she will be 7 this september at that blows me away.

The kids favourite place to sit and watch a movie.

Space boy Ryan at the Telus world of Science

The lego sculptures are super cool, the picture does not do this one justice. It was 3 dimensional, lit from the inside and really looked like a lego man escaping from the lego box.

Breanna posing with the lego.

Hey it is almost a normal smiling picture! I think he was probably just laughing at me when it was taken. The whole world is a joke to that kid.

I photoshopped Skyler's broken tooth out of this one. We will see thursday if the dentist thinks he can make the broken tooth look like the one in the picture :)

Breanna with her newest cousin Joryn. What a couple cuties!