Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Body images.

Mom: Ryan do you like this outfit for Skyler?

Ryan: No it'll make him look fat!


Breanna: Ryan it wont make him look fat I picked it out!

Ryan: Ya it will!

Breanna: No it wont!

Ryan: ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya
Breanna: no no no no no no no no no no.....

Breanna: It wont make you look fat unless your fat before you put it on!

End of conversation.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Count Down continued.

7 days till Christmas 3 presents obtained.

So I was thinking the other day of the Christmas present I bought my sister the year Jon and i got engaged. I gave it to her early because I was going to spend Christmas with Jon and his family. It was a hamster and it died on Christmas day. We thought of renaming it posthumously to Scrooge.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Count down.

Days till Christmas: 9. Number of christmas presents obtained: 1.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dont Judge me it is one of those days

Breanna: So Ryan do you want to come upstairs with me?

Ryan: Uhh nope.

Breanna: Come on Ryan we need to go where mom cant see us.

Mom: Breanna what are you doing, If you dont tell me you are not going upstairs.

Breanna: We are plunging our tummies. (breanna has the sink plunger and she squishes it onto her tummy.) Well mom can we?

Mom: (picking her battles) Whatever Breanna.

Breanna: Ryan! Mom said we can do it, do you want to come!?

Ryan: Nope

Breanna: Well if you change your mind I will be upstairs plunging.

Seriously I cant imagine any serious harm coming from it. The worst I can see happening is getting a call from the school or something because they want to know where my kid got the large hickies on her stomach. Oh and it is a sink plunger, totaly cleaned and NEVER used on a toilet, just in case you were worried.

Monday, December 08, 2008

And she blogs again.

So apparently semi annual blogging is not sufficient to satisfy the crowds how about quarterly? Well look it has not been four months yet since I last blogged (just a few days shy) I am ahead of the game! Yay me!

You should all thank that anonymous person who commented on my last post their desire to hear from me again.

So what to blog about.....

  • Breanna is in grade one I am sure you all know that though (see you know my life why do I need to blog?) I am constantly amazed by how fast she is learning to read. She reads her readers they send home every night no problem. I guess I just expected this to be a longer process. but no she is doing spectacular. It scares me in a way because how are me and Jon going to talk without the kids knowing what we are saying when we cant S P E L L things out anymore
  • Ryan is in preschool and he absolutely loves it. If anyone is looking for a preschool for their kids for next year call me because this school is fabulous. He goes Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons and it is in the same school as Breanna so that is really convenient.
  • Skyler is a menace as usual and climbs on everything, he even pulled the bench from the table today over to the counter to play with the knives. Oh joy I need to move those higher. He is the cutest little menace ever and I love him. He is also learning to talk, he repeats anything you say and his favourite thing to say right now is look at this or look at that, My favourite is when he pulls up his shirt and says "look a belly!".
  • Jon and I are enjoying a quiet fall, we took it easy on our schedule this fall and are enjoying the lack of commitments in the evening. He will be taking part time classes again in January. Jon is still delivering papers and in a fit of insanity I took a job managing a few apartments. I was not sure I wanted to do it again but it is actually pretty good, I don't have to handle anything outside of the suites I rent so that means no building cleaning and no shoveling. The company I work for is really great as well. My 15 units keep me surprisingly busy some days but oddly enough sometimes I find it easier to be productive at home when I am busy outside of the house. (other times I am just plain unproductive everywhere lol)

Anyhow there is a brief update of my life hopefully it keeps you all happy until I blog again in about four months.

p.s. Just kidding I so wont take that long again to blog.... at least I dont think so.... well i have the best of intentions....