Wednesday, May 09, 2007

  • I need to go potty!
  • Im a bird that has escaped from its cage
  • Super girl is trapped! Someone save me.

Breanna's attempts at rescue after being sent to time out. And why might she be in time outyou ask? Well she bonked Ryan in the head with a little wooden box. Which Im not sure was intentional. You might wonder why I sent her to time out if I dont think she meant to hit him in the head. Well It is because it hit him in the head while it was being used to pour melted ice cream all over him.

My children have this ability to be so creatively mischevous.


Naomi Hinman said...

LOL. I love that little girl. I hope to have one someday that is just as cute. I just hope she wount do things like bug does. I also hope that she will see your kids alot and so I don't think I will be that lucky.

KKahle-2-b-4ever said... how you tell the story :)
love little Breanna!!!

JTASJ said...

Super girl is trapped? That's a good one.

Janna said...

That is so great. you have the best kids for storis. You should write them all in a book. Serious! I would totally buy it because you are an awesome writer!!!!!

Nikki Workman said...

So is Superwoman...someone save me 2!

Tonikka said...

happy mothers day to a terrific mamma