Friday, January 27, 2006


Ryan Hill: aka: Ry, aka: Fry Guy, aka: Giggles
wanted for unlawful cutness betwen the hours of 1 and 3 am the morning of January 25th 2006. Beware subject is armed and dangerous. Subject will lick you or crawl all over you with out provocation. Subject will also steal all cookies. Keep all cookies under lock and key while this threat exists.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happenings at work.

Ring Ring

Me: Good afternoon XYZ Store

Lady: I heard about your store from a friend what do you sell?

Me: We sell a whole variety of items mam.

Lady: Well, what do you sell?!

(what does she want a list of EVERYTHING?)

Me:Well we sell electronics like tvs and stereos, kitchen wares, telephones vacuum cleaners...

Lady: You sell vaccum cleaners?

(Whew I think I have distracted her from the list)

At the prospect of vaccum cleaners I think this was the point she decided it was worth it to come and see for herself.

Fast forward to the next phone call

Me: Helo XYZ store

Lady: Hi I just bought a phone from your store and there is a light flasing and it wont stop.

(um ok a light flashing hmm)

Me: Do you have an awnsering service that is telling you that you have messages.

Lady: no we dont have one of those. Do you know why the light would be flashing?

(we sell like 20 gazillion different phones)

Me: No mam if there is something wrong with the phone you can bring it back to the store with the receipt.

(flashing lights hmmm sorry I cant help you! Actually I got the impression it was something probably coverd in the manual)

Fast forward to last call of the night. at 6:01 pm

Me: Hello XYZ store?

Guy: Hi what time do you close?

Me: About 60 seconds ago

Guy: oh darn do you think you could hold it open for me?

Me: no sorry the tills are all closed.

(the last guy is cashing out as we speak)

Guy: Oh well good night.

yeah by the time he drives over does his shopping and we leave it woud be 7:00

Apparently today I am tech support. Information and Can hold the store open for anyone after closing. Actually everyone that called was nice about it but sometimes we just cant do everything.


I was eating my lunch from Arbys yesterday. I looked at the wrapper of my roast beef sandwich and I saw there was some cheese on it. Now there is nothing strange about that the strange part of it was there was no cheese on my sandwich or any other part of my lunch for that matter. Now where did the cheese come from? I dont think I want to know.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Size 3 and Growing

I noticed something today. Ryans diaper seems to be fitting a little small. This may not seem to significant to most but I have been thinking that he would never need anything bigger then a size 3 diaper. It might just be the brand we bought (it is one we dont get often) or it could be that he is finaly starting to grow some hips! Size 4 watch out!!

Oh on a similar note I had Ryan weighed the other day, 22 pounds. He weigs one pound for every month of his life.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thoughts At 12:42 AM

  • What happens when you watch "West Wing" just before going to bed? Well when your 22 month old wakes up at midnight your half awake mind considders how this fits into his politcal agenda.
  • Once you realize that it is a toddler not a politican you begin to think about how toddlerish politics is.
  • You can always trust a bannana. As long as the color is right a bannana is always good. If it is over or under ripe or has bruises you can tell from the color of its skin. Not so easy to find a perfect peach or strawberry.
  • To bad politicans arent more like bannanas.
  • Hmm I cant wait for peach season. Mmmm peach cobbler.
  • Planing on going on a little trip in may as a belated 5th anniversiary celebration. Daydreamed of going to Mexico but that will probably wait a couple of more years.
  • Jon's Dad suggested a nice Bed and Breakfast in Canmore.
  • I always thought Canmore was in BC but I guess it is just before Banff when traveling from Calgary.
  • Time for my little "politican" to go back to bed.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Today Im working for my camera.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Lessons in Toddlerese

Anyone who has a child who has not quite learned to talk yet knows that they have other methods of communication. It does not take full scentences to get one's point across.

For example if you find yourself in bed being woken up by a 22 month old hitting you in the head with a plastic plate. You can assume he means:

"Get out of bed lazy mom and get me something to eat already!!!"

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Ryans Words

  • Mom: mom
  • Ha: hat
  • Waa: wall
  • Da Dee: Daddy
  • Bo: Book
  • Naa Naa: Banna or Breanna
  • Pa Pee: Puppet or Puppy
  • No: no
  • Miee: mine
  • Wa Wa: water
  • How: help
  • Gooeee: Hungry or cookie which is pretty much the same thing to him anyway
  • Mmm Hmm: Yes
  • Baa: Ball
  • Geigo: Deigo
  • Boo: Boots
  • Ma: Map
  • Ba pa: Back Pack
  • Gucky: Ducky

Friday, January 06, 2006

Its all about falimy

Mom: Breanna say family

Breanna: Falimy

Mom: no say Fam-i-ly

Breanna: Fal-i-my

Mom: ok say FAM

Breanna: FAM

Mom: now say i-ly

Breanna: fal-i-my

Mom: ok you say FAM

Breanna: ily

Mom: no YOU say FAM

Breanna: ily!

Mom: ok fine say family

Breanna: falimy.

I cant win this one.