Sunday, January 22, 2006

Happenings at work.

Ring Ring

Me: Good afternoon XYZ Store

Lady: I heard about your store from a friend what do you sell?

Me: We sell a whole variety of items mam.

Lady: Well, what do you sell?!

(what does she want a list of EVERYTHING?)

Me:Well we sell electronics like tvs and stereos, kitchen wares, telephones vacuum cleaners...

Lady: You sell vaccum cleaners?

(Whew I think I have distracted her from the list)

At the prospect of vaccum cleaners I think this was the point she decided it was worth it to come and see for herself.

Fast forward to the next phone call

Me: Helo XYZ store

Lady: Hi I just bought a phone from your store and there is a light flasing and it wont stop.

(um ok a light flashing hmm)

Me: Do you have an awnsering service that is telling you that you have messages.

Lady: no we dont have one of those. Do you know why the light would be flashing?

(we sell like 20 gazillion different phones)

Me: No mam if there is something wrong with the phone you can bring it back to the store with the receipt.

(flashing lights hmmm sorry I cant help you! Actually I got the impression it was something probably coverd in the manual)

Fast forward to last call of the night. at 6:01 pm

Me: Hello XYZ store?

Guy: Hi what time do you close?

Me: About 60 seconds ago

Guy: oh darn do you think you could hold it open for me?

Me: no sorry the tills are all closed.

(the last guy is cashing out as we speak)

Guy: Oh well good night.

yeah by the time he drives over does his shopping and we leave it woud be 7:00

Apparently today I am tech support. Information and Can hold the store open for anyone after closing. Actually everyone that called was nice about it but sometimes we just cant do everything.


I was eating my lunch from Arbys yesterday. I looked at the wrapper of my roast beef sandwich and I saw there was some cheese on it. Now there is nothing strange about that the strange part of it was there was no cheese on my sandwich or any other part of my lunch for that matter. Now where did the cheese come from? I dont think I want to know.


Nikki Workman said...

:) Ewwww...about the cheese!

bezbabe said...

this whole post is cracking me up!

"hello, XYZ store?"

because, gee, i sure hope your boss doesn't read this!

i totally read it to him...he laughed too!

and the cheese? i still think you should have asked...probably would have gotten a free meal for next time and then that lunches money could have gone towards your camera...

KKahle-2-b-4ever said...

oooooh, maybe i should answer the phone, Hello, XYZ may i help you?