Sunday, January 15, 2006

Thoughts At 12:42 AM

  • What happens when you watch "West Wing" just before going to bed? Well when your 22 month old wakes up at midnight your half awake mind considders how this fits into his politcal agenda.
  • Once you realize that it is a toddler not a politican you begin to think about how toddlerish politics is.
  • You can always trust a bannana. As long as the color is right a bannana is always good. If it is over or under ripe or has bruises you can tell from the color of its skin. Not so easy to find a perfect peach or strawberry.
  • To bad politicans arent more like bannanas.
  • Hmm I cant wait for peach season. Mmmm peach cobbler.
  • Planing on going on a little trip in may as a belated 5th anniversiary celebration. Daydreamed of going to Mexico but that will probably wait a couple of more years.
  • Jon's Dad suggested a nice Bed and Breakfast in Canmore.
  • I always thought Canmore was in BC but I guess it is just before Banff when traveling from Calgary.
  • Time for my little "politican" to go back to bed.


bezbabe said...

this post made me laugh!


plus i was just really excited to see that you had blogged.

Nikki Workman said...

They are slippery. Politicians AND banana peels... :)

KKahle-2-b-4ever said...

oh, heather...that is so is so can totally tell when a banana is no good...
very funny post!!!

Naomi said...

DO you need more West Wing yet?