Monday, June 14, 2010

Dear Lane

So Lane lets talk about this moving thing.

As you know I was a little less then impressed when you started rolling over at 3 months old and even less enthused when you started rolling the other way just 2 weeks after that. I also distinctly remember that feeling of dread when at the tender age of 5 months old you got your self going and pushed your self all the way across the living room floor. Dont you know that you could have waited another 2 months and been well within range of meeting your devlopmental milestones on time?

That being said what is done is done. I accept that you are a mover and a doer and that you will try to put every tiny little thing you can see in your mouth. I have decided though that you can start crawling on your hands and knees. I know you are super efficent at your little "army crawl" but I am afraid you are going to wear out chests of all your onsies and shirts. So go ahead and crawl for real, have at it.

Oh but there is one last thing, under no circumstances are you alowed to figure out how to climb up the step and get out of the sunken living room. That is not negotiable.

Love Mom.


Nikki said...

Does he read at the level of 9 month old? Tee hee.

Tanis said...

If I were Lane, I'd consider that a challenge! Good luck with that Heather!