Friday, September 18, 2009

What will they think of next.

Yesterday Ryan was sad because one of his "light bulb cymbals" broke.

Yes you read that right. Light bulb cymbals. Unfortunately as far as being a percussion instrument they kind of lack the necessary structural integrity.

I swear they get these ideas all by themselves.


Lightbulb cymbals are like these, the ones with the handles that you bang together. Except instead it is two lightbulbs you bang together....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Odds and ends from the Hill household.

Well I have not tried to boil eggs again yet but:

It is breakfast time and I am making Orange Julius after taking the blender out of the cubboard and taking it apart and washing it out. (Jon is making eggs benedict mmmmm).

Anyway I get the frozen OJ in the blender and pour the milk and water in. While I get the ice I look over and notice the liquid flowing steadily out the bottom of the blender. Jon is standing beside me and kindly says.

I think you forgot this:

yeah you know the part in the bottom that does the mixing and the holding in of ingredients.


phone rings

Me: Hello?

Jon: I am on my way home could you put some toast in the toaster and grab my ID tags for me I forgot them.

Me: I could come bring them to you?

Jon: You wouldnt have time I have to teach in an hour.

Me: Oh you cant have a twit tag when you are teaching?

(twit tag is a temporary tag with a big T that you get to wear when you dont have your ID)

Jon: Not when I gave a big speach in class yesterday about always having your ID on you.

I think he should have left it so he could be the demo of what NOT to do lol.


Ryan and Skyler are running circles around thehouse


Mom: Ryan stop running and screaming!

Ryan: Skyler is chasing me with the air pump so he can hit me! AAAAAAHHHHHH

Mom: He is not going to hit you he is just chasing you to get a reaction.

Skyler is still chasing while weilding the pump, I grab Ryan while he passes by. Skyler stands there and just looks at him.

Mom: See Ryan I told you he wasnt going to hit you.




Ryan has the floor puzzle out and has lost interest. Skyler is now playing in the pieces.

Mom: Breanna could you help Ryan clean up the puzzle?

Breanna: Mom at school Mrs F says that the person who made the mess cleans it up.

Mom: Well Mrs F makes the rules at school and I make the rules at home.

Breanna: Who makes the mess is who cleans it up EVERYWHERE.

Mom: Breanna help Ryan clean it up now

Breanna: She says that if you didnt make the mess you only have to help if your mom forces you so you are going to have to FORCE me.

She is not even 7 yet how is it that I feel like I already have a teenager? She didnt end up helping clean up. She went straight to her room. And went to bed nice and early. Im still the mom here.


Skyler has something against glasses. When he is around they break. Yesterday we lost 3.

One he dropped on the stairs

second one he left on the floor and it shatterd when breanna bumped it

Third one same as the last on but My sister was the one who accidentaly kicked it over.

Anyone sell indestructible glasses?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Egg Salad and the bun in the oven.

I have boiled eggs for egg salad twice this week. Both times I have had to throw a pot of boiling water down the sink because I forgot to put the eggs in when it was cold. Should I go for number 3 tomorrow?

On another note I am due to have a baby in 6 weeks plus 1 day. I had thought it would be really convenient to have the baby on thanksgiving weekend. That way Jon's sisters would be in town to see new baby and then with the holiday and weekends on either side Jon would only have to take 4 days off work to get 10 days off straight. That would be 4 weeks away. (Skyler was 1 week early so this one could be 2 right? lol)

It turns out thought due to a cosmic mix up (yes I will blame it on the stars) Jon has to go out of town the week before that and I am not sure I want to have a baby the day after he gets home when I am in that my husband has been out of town for 5 days and I am a basket case mode. Ugh so much for my careful planning.


Yes I do know I have no real control about when this baby is born. A girl can hope though right?

Oh and I had also set a goal this pregnancy to enjoy it and to try not to get to that sick of pregnancy point. Having the baby on thanksgiving was merely a matter of connivance.

*****Post Edit******

That last word was supposed to be convenience but due to a mistake with the spell checker it turned out wrong. But I thought that the end results were rather humorous.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Photo post.

Here is a photo challenge from KL using todays date to pick a photo so here it is the 10th photo from the 9th folder (today being the 10th day of the 9th month)